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Home movies of Sigal family in Zborow, Berezhany, Vienna, and Baden

Film | Accession Number: 1995.A.0661 | RG Number: RG-60.4584 | Film ID: 2835

Margaret Siegal Weiss (the donor, age 12) and her father Morris (42) spent six weeks visiting family in Zborow from July to August 1936.

02:08 Title: "Main Street - The Broadway and Boulevard of Zborov" Road leading to Zborow (shot by Nathan Okun, also from Zborow - he is the man in the white hat). Pedestrians, homes. Brief sequence of family, child running towards camera. Pan countryside, village with homes. Quick pan, group of six men. 03:07 Large group poses for a picture, summer (perhaps in the U.S.?). Morris appears near the end of the group posing for the picture, next to a man with mustache and in front of a man with a cap and glass. Group of men with baseball gear, playing, spectators, "Field" sign in BG. 04:21 Pan, Zborow market stalls, tents, shuttered stores during the summer of 1936. Some Jewish merchants were boycotted, including those with stores on the main village square. 05:13 Jewish children pose in front of the Talmud Torah. This is the school that Morris attended with his father Alexander (Sender) Sigal. Some INT shots where children sit at desks with teachers. 06:11 Jewish cemetery, tombstones. 06:37 Family scenes, including Grandmother Sara Pasternak Lifschutz (60) with her daughters Clara (27) and Minke (20); paternal grandmother (with babushka) Sara Rikower Sigal (79); grandfather Sender (81). Group photograph of the Sigal family, including Margaret (little girl) who holds a picture of her Uncle Shumel who lived in Vienna. Aunt Bruncia (52) and her husband Mendel Halpern with their children Eva (22), Manuel (16), and Max (18). Eva is the only member of the Sigal family who survived. She was hidden by a non-Jewish farmer along with 6-7 others. After two years in Paris after the war, she immigrated to the U.S. with Morris's help. 07:31 Margeret, Aunt Minke, and cousins Max and Manuel swim in a pond in Zborow. 07:52 In Berezhany, Poland, Aunt Hencia Gross and her children Molly and Jorge. Uncle Joe (from Lvov) also appears. 08:30 Grave in Vienna cemetery of Amalie (Mical) Sigal. The donor is named after the family member buried here; the site is identified at Grave 31, Marker 62. 08:40 Uncle Shumel and his future bride Susy Freedman at a resort in Baden, Austria. Shots of the resort town with park statues, fountains, and a lake; Margaret appears in many scenes with her Uncle and Susy. Margaret is also buried in the sand.

Event:  Summer 1936
Zborov, Poland
Baden, Austria
Berezhany, Poland
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Margaret Siegel Weiss
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:26
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