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Prewar Jewish life in Budapest

Film | Accession Number: 2010.81.3 | RG Number: RG-60.1386 | Film ID: 2945

Peter Veres plays in his playpen during summer 1939. He is pushed on a swing outdoors. Mother Kati holds Peter. Kati, Agi, Lenke, Bela, and another woman pose together. Kati and her father Bela Krausz walk towards the camera. Kati, Agi, and another woman, possibly a cousin or friend, pose by a large haystack. George and Kati hug.

01:13:15 Peter and his cousin Andrew (as infants) are posed on a blanket in the yard, probably in Summer 1939. They are joined by Kati and Agi Jakab (Andrew's mother).

01:15:09 Kati and another woman knit outdoors. A little girl and Peter play in a playground. 01:15:30 Baby Peter plays on the balcony and in a playpen. The nurse Edith (in the white headscarf) feeds Peter on the balcony of the apartment George and Kati had at 21 Tatra Street in Pest.

01:17:05 Peter and his cousin Judy Grunfeld play outdoors, likely on Margaret Island, as Kati and Nancy (Judy's mother) watch. Judy pushes Peter in his carriage. Quick CUs of Peter with a pacifier. Kati rows a boat (on the Island of Margaret?). Kati and George were both members of rowing clubs when they were growing up. Rowing was a popular extracurricular activity for families in Budapest.

01:18:43 Quick shot of Kati and an unknown couple walking towards the camera on a road lined by trees. Kati, the babies, Lenke, and Armin pose for the camera in their garden and on the balcony. VAR CUs of Peter at play indoors wtith a stuffed animal and eating. Peter plays outside in a winter coat and indoors with a toy accordion and a magazine in front of the built-in tile stove at Kati's parents' house at 125 Pasareti St.

Event:  1938-1943
Budapest, Hungary
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Peter Veres
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:12
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