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NSDAP convention of the Ammerland district

Film | Accession Number: 2014.196 | RG Number: RG-60.1530 | Film ID: 3929

Aerial view of Zwischenahn Lake filmed from the water tower on the south bank. The town of Bad Zwischenahn is located south of this land-locked sea. Windy with bright sunlight and full trees in early summer.

00:00:12 Title "Bad Zwischenahn im Festschmuck" The town of Bad Zwischenahn is decorated with Nazi symbols including flags, banners, garlands, and posters for the NSDAP convention. View of a gray stone building with columns, the NSDAP headquarters of the District Leader, Johann Schneider, in the Villa Windmüller located on Peter Street (also appears in Film ID 3930). Bathouse and boat docked in the lake - the Stedigsehre, a rowing boat meant to serve as a training for the Marine Hitler Youth. Decorated buildings in town, including Kino Willi (a cinema in the house of Wilhelm Grambart on Bahnhof Street at 00:01:08), the Post Office building on Bahnhof Street (00:01:15), the train station (00:01:27), and a grocery of Justus Fischer on Mill Street (00:01:38).

00:02:09 Title, "Die Grosskundgebung im Festzelt" Mass rally in the marquee at the marketplace. Men from various German military branches congregate in a square outside a tent decorated in red and gold. They speak casually with civilians from the town. The men are in dress uniforms from the Wehrmacht, SS, and other military and paramilitary branches. A musical band of Hitler Youth play their instruments in the square at the arrival of a Nazi party member, possibly Kreisleiter Johann Schneider or the Gauleiter. Staatsrat Professor Willy Börger speaks within the tent at 5:30pm on June 3 before returning outside.

00:05:15 Official opening of the tent camp at 7:30pm on June 3. Hitler Youth play instruments near a row of tents. Kreisleiter (District Leader) Johann Schneider speaks to a crowd at attention at the tent camp. 00:06:26 Performances at the festival grounds and rifle range at Eyhauser Avenue. Women in blue and white dresses dance in the round on an open area of grass before a set of bleachers. The surrounding area is decorated with Nazi banners. A large wooden statue painted to look like a golden eagle with Nazi symbol behind the bleachers. Painted white stripes divide the field. Women play music on accordions.

00:08:00 Title, "Wehr - Wettkämpfe". Units from various military and paramilitary Nazi organizations march past the camera. Men in Wehrmacht uniforms walk along a cobble street. Hitler Youth groups and Deutsche Arbeitsfront units are also seen.

00:09:32 MS, rifle range where men take aim at hanging targets, probably on June 4 at 7:00am, at the Ahrens'schen meadow near a pumping station and Fritz Krüger. Wehrmacht and SS soldiers participate in military trainings and exercises.

00:11:54 Athletes gather at a table. End of the men's relay race past Oldenburg Street on June 4. Awards ceremony for winners of the military competiton/tournament in the Ahrens'schen meadow across the street from "Fritz Krüger," a butcher located on Oldenburg Street. Various military personnel. Groups of Hitler Youth and female youth organizations march along a road, singing. They arrive at the festival grounds.

00:15:42 Title, "Der Festplatz". Military personnel march to music in the park/festival grounds. An assembly of military and civilians gather to view a speech from the bleachers before the golden eagle. Men and women sing from bleachers, possibly Reich workers (160 men and 60 women) singing the choral work "Grossdeutschland".

Event:  June 3-4, 1939
Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Naomi Buck
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:24
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