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FDR campaigns for NY governor; Morgenthau family home movies

Film | Accession Number: 2015.255 | RG Number: RG-60.1566 | Film ID: 4121

Franklin D. Roosevelt swimming in the pool at the Morgenthau residence. Henry III holds up fish. The three children, Elinor, and another boy roast marshmallows outside. Women's luncheon (possibly a Vassar reunion organized by Elinor) outdoors at the farm, views of the property and a river. The Morgenthau children play on rings, swim in the pool, play ball, and sail toy ships in the swimming pool. Airplanes fly overhead. The children help build a dock in the summer at the farm; playing with the family dog, whose name was Puddles. A large group of people on the farm with a stable in the BG where the groom, Dick, lived.

00:16:01 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt sit in a boat. Workers and political supporters at a dam. FDR and Mrs. Roosevelt, on his 1928 campaign for governor, shakes hands with people from a boat and car in the village of Herkimer. Henry Jr. is briefly visible on the boat with FDR, wearing a cap. They travel down the locks of the Erie Canal on the campaign trail, crowds, shaking hands. More stops on the campaign trail.

00:17:54 The children and Elinor Morgenthau ice skate at their farm, play hockey and ride in a horse-drawn sleigh (perhaps seen in RG-60.1565). In summer, the Morgenthau children practice diving in the pool at their farm, The Homestead - Fishkill Farm, while Elinor looks on.

00:18:45 FDR prepares to make a speech aboard a boat. Scenes of people, nature, and the river as the boat moves from town to town on the campaign in 1928. FDR shakes hands with citizens from a car and Mrs. Roosevelt sits next to him.

Fishing traps, possibly in Nantucket. 00:20:40 The Morgenthau family, including Henry III, Robert and Joan, sail and relax on a beach in Rhode Island (Nantucket). Richard Inces is in the striped shirt. The man eating watermelon could be Dan Hanley, a tutor; Edith Haas (Elinor's cousin) may be walking out of the water. 00:21:15 The children ride horses in winter.

00:21:41 Franklin D. Roosevelt talks to people who have gathered to hear him speak and writes from the boat he is campaigning from; the young man sitting beside may be one of FDR's sons, either Franklin, Jr. or Henry. Campaigning by boat past waving spectators. A woman gives Eleanor Roosevelt a bouquet of flowers, shaking hands. FDR and one of his sons at a ceremony at West Point. People cheer from shore as the Roosevelts pass by in their boat, and stop to make speeches. Franklin D. Roosevelt sits in a chair in a garden outside while people congregate around him, or sit beside and talk. Portraits. Boat campaign.

00:24:17 Henry Morgenthau III and Robert enjoy a ride in Henry Jr.'s airplane. 00:25:17 When Henry Jr. was Conservation Commissioner of NY, the family would visit the Adirondacks. Here, Henry III, Robert and Joan go canoeing and hiking, probably in Keene Valley or Asable where there was a camp that banned Jews.

More views of FDR, probably on the campaign trail. Onte Snyder, FDR's chauffeur who is visible here, had previously worked for the Morgenthaus. 00:26:08 FDR as Governor of New York, opens the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid in February. Henry Jr. was in attendance -- he had been asked to stay at the Lake Placid Club but declined knowing that Jews were not allowed.

Event:  1926-1932
New York State, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Henry Morgenthau III
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:36
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