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Morgenthau family vacations in Mexico, the Alps, and Israel and at leisure at their farm in New York

Film | Accession Number: 2015.255 | RG Number: RG-60.1569 | Film ID: 4121

Various exterior shots in color: boat on an ocean, apple orchard on the Morgenthau farm at springtime, the pump house, trees and rivers in a forest and the flowers in front of one of the Morgenthau homes. Elinor in a car.

00:48:39 Bullfight in Mexico, around 1946. Scenes in Mexico, where Henry Jr. brought Henry III on vacation following his release from the Army. Henry Jr. and Henry III ride horses.

00:49:44 In 1938, the family vacations at a seaside resort in Cap D'Antibes on the French Riviera, then in the Alps in southern France. Villa with paintings in Switzerland.

00:51:35 Henry Jr. socializes at a horse race in Mexico with the Mexican ambassador to United States (00:51:48, man with mustache). HAS, parade in Mexico, tourist sights, and fishing from a boat. Henry III catches a marlin.

00:56:41 Jenny, Robert Morgenthau's oldest daughter, swims in the same pool he used to as a child. Sailing and swimming. Sailboat race, possibly in Nantucket. Henry Jr. plays with the children on the beach, and then back at their pool on the farm. 01:00:42 Blurry, a man gets into a helicopter and flies away and then lands in the same field.

01:01:14 Elinor and Henry Jr. board a small airplane and visit Israel. The woman with sunglasses on the boat is Henry's secretary, Henrietta Klotz, man with the moustache is Henry Montor. Visiting more places in Israel. Parade of soldiers, raising the Israeli flag. Ben Gurion addresses the crowd. The soldiers parade, and young women run. A large group of local civilians greet the former secretary, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. He cuts a ribbon at the opening of Tal Shahar, a moshav (agricultural commune) in central Israel. The moshav is named for Morgenthau, which translates from German to 'morning dew.' Tal Shahar means 'dawn dew' in Hebrew.

01:04:18 Locals jump off a cart. Beautiful hotel, beach scenery. Glimpse of toddler. Horse show observed by Henry Morgenthau Jr. Marcelle Puthon Morgenthau (?), Henry Jr.'s second wife, walks toward camera and shops at an outdoor market, maybe in Taormina, on Sicily. Views of majestic snowy Alps and touring the countryside.

01:05:54 Six of Elinor and Henry Jr.'s grandchildren gather at the family farm for a portrait. 01:06:08 Quick shot of New York cityscape and Central Park. At the beach, Robert helps his daughter, Barbara, put her shoes on. Performers. Ruth Morgenthau walks around the garden in front of the Morgenthau home at Fishkill Farms. Canoeing on a river. Kramer Morgenthau sits at the edge of the river and speaks with the person filming. Henry Jr. and Marcelle amongst historical ruins, maybe in Taormina. Tourist shots. Guitarists entertain Henry Jr., Ruth, and Henry III on a balcony. Views of Sicily, gardens.

Event:  postwar
New York State, United States
New York, NY, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Henry Morgenthau III
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:26
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