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American military at the St. James Cemetery and moving through Belgium and Germany

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1790 | Film ID: 4160

Reel 10: (1945) Leaving Belgium by train through France; Paris; Army Hdqts.
St. James Cemetery in Fougeres, where the QM buried troops. Sign reads "Entrance: US Military Cemetery, Pas de Visiteurs après 17 heures" [No visitors after 5pm]. Other signs point to "American Dead Only" and "Enemy Dead." American soldiers visit the cemetery. Pan, rows of white crosses. Three men stand at a grave covered with flowers. Group of soldiers drink out a bottle and smile for the camera. Soldiers pose next to "Merry Christmas" sign (probably December 1944).

3:07 Large group gathers at a train station, some with Red Cross armbands. Good views of nurses. [The 534th Quartermaster Corps traveled by thrain through Belgium in mid-February 1945 through Liege, Ghent, Bruxelles, and Tamines.] Ruins, city and countryside from the moving train, passing signs: "Comptoir du Tuilier de Courtrai" and "Zulte." 5:30 A couple exits their home, later joined by a soldier. The ruins and soldiers in town, a child poses with the man's helmet. [Black from 7:55 to 8:11] Soldier continues to tour the town with the couple and their dog. Another child poses with the soldiers. Tanks on the road. 9:59 Signs for "Suippes, 29.9K and "40KM, Reims." In Reims, the cathedral and bibliothèque. Other road signs read "Macadam, Massive, Epernay," and "Paris, Notre Dame." Cathedral in Paris, people walking by the river and in the city. [Major Fedeli was on leave in Paris in January 1945.] 13:31 Three soldiers walk in a snowy street. "Liège, 9k." The men climb a snow-covered tank. City and countryside from a car. 15:22 Men collect wood next to a row of cabins. Sign, "Schiessbahn [...] Snowy countryside, men load logs into a truck. Fire.

Event:  December 1944 to March 1945
Paris, France
Liege, Belgium
Reims, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:46
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