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American military at Nordhausen; Eisenhower lands in Frankfurt; soldiers on leave in England

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1793 | Film ID: 4260

Reel 14: (1945) Concentration camp in Nordhausen, Germany; Ike, Frankfurt; Air trip to England; Cambridge
American soldiers board military planes in a field. Sign, "Leave Flight Officers." Ansco (film) logo. At Nordhausen concentration camp, soldiers inspect rocket debris. [Fedeli reports visiting the contentration camp at 'Buchenwald' near Weimar, Germany in late April 1945.] Brief LS of camp buildings along road. Pan of liberated camp and environs from a moving vehicle. Dozens of large containers of ammunition stacked side by side in fields, behind a sign: "Tor II." Displaced families push carts with their belongings. Circular pan of camp with three watchtowers in the distance and Red Cross trucks. Crowds of people, mostly men (civilians? survivors?), queuing for some reason, seen from inside a car. Stacks of stretchers outside a brick building marked "42." Forest and bare trees with camp below, shot from above. Soldiers with Red Cross armbands walk about the camp, one with a still camera poses by barbed wire fencing. Touring and shooting from the moving car, different shots of the camp, destruction, rockets. Locals or refugees pass on foot and bicycle. Countryside.

Soldiers gathered around Eisenhower's plane, Sunflower II, at the Frankfurt airstrip. Other aircraft taxis and cars are parked. SHAEF sign. Gen. Eisenhower greets the group of soldiers who stand at attention in front of an American flag and march in formation. Ike boards the plane and it departs.

A small group of soldiers walk uphill towards the camera towards a castle, sightseeing. Aerial views from the plane of fields and houses. EXT, the plane and soldiers. Sign on a building reads "US Army Air Forces, Army Post Office." More aerial shots, a plane flies by. Soldiers on leave in and near Cambridge, England at an estate or public park. [Fedeli writes about being on leave in England - Cambridge and seeing General Eisenhower at Frankfurt airstrip in late April 1945.] Man paddles a boat on a stream, ornate building in the distance. Tourist views. Soldiers smile for the camera with a civilian. More sightseeing.

Event:  April 24, 1945 to June 1945
Frankfurt, Germany
Nordhausen, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:06
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