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Anti-British propaganda poster reminding people of previous British conquests of French territory

Object | Accession Number: 1998.136.4

Propaganda poster in French stating how Britain created its Empire by taking French territories. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. In response Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later. On June 22, 1940, France signed an armistice agreement by which the Germans would occupy the northern half of France. After the armistice and occupation, German authorities began releasing propaganda to fuel the resentment many French people held towards the British. The poster lists, in chronological order, French colonial losses to Britain by year. In 1704, as part of the war of the Spanish Succession Britain captured Gibraltar from Spain, France’s ally. At the subsequent treaty of Utrecht, Britain’s possession of Gibraltar was formalized and France ceded Newfoundland. In 1763, the Treaty of Paris concluded the Seven Years War between France and Britain. As part of the terms of the treaty, France relinquished Canada and all conquests in India since 1749. In 1801, the British foiled Napoleon’s military campaign in Egypt. In the Entente Cordiale, signed in 1904, France recognized Britain’s sphere of influence over Egypt. The poster implies that the British Empire was formed from these victories, however, the poster fails to inform the reader of the concessions that Britain made to France over the same period.

Artwork Title
Français, n'oublie pas
Alternate Title
French do not forget
publication:  after 1940 September 23-before 1944 August
distribution: France
War propaganda
Credit Line
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection
Record last modified: 2021-02-10 09:30:15
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