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Nazi Party poster for the 1932 presidential election: Hitler v. Hindenburg

Object | Accession Number: 1999.144.1

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    Brief Narrative
    Nazi Party poster with photographs of 20 men supporting Hitler or Hindenburg in the 1932 presidential election. We choose Hinderburg is written in pseudo-Hebrew font and his supporters are men who brought shame on Germany with the Versailles Treaty, as well as years of social unrest and hyperinflation. The men choosing Hitler are prominent Nazi Party members, including Goering, Goebbels. Rosenberg, and Rohm. Hindenburg, the aging, but still popular World War I (1914-1918) Field Marshal, was up for re-election. Hitler ran against him, with the slogan Freedom and Bread. Hindenburg won 49 % of the March vote to Hitler's 30%, short of the needed absolute majority. In the April run-off election, Hitler gained 2 million votes, for a 36% share, but Hindenburg won the presidency with 53% of the vote. The Nazi Party continued its massive surge in popularity in the July Reichstag elections, winning over 37% of the vote, making it the largest political party in Germany. Fearing political chaos or a Communist victory, Hindenburg and his advisors turned to the Nazi Party for support. In January 1933, Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. By summer, the Nazi dictatorship was in control of the country.
    Artwork Title
    Wir Wahlen Hindenburg! Wir Wahlen Hitler!
    Alternate Title
    We choose Hindenburg! We choose Hitler!
    publication/distribution:  1932
    manufacture: Leipzig (Germany)
    publication: Munich (Germany)
    Credit Line
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection
    front, slogan, top, pseudo-Hebrew font, black ink : WIR WÄHLEN HINDENBURG! [We choose Hindenburg!]
    front, image caption, top row, black ink : Albert Grzeinski, / Polizeipräsident von Berlin / Dr. Bernhard Weiss, / Sein Vizepräsident / Georg Bernhard, / Demokrat ehem. M. d R. und / Chefredakt. d. „Voss, Zeitg” / Syndikus d. Warenhaus-Verb / Dr h. c. Hirtsiefer, / Preußischer Minister für die / Wohlfahrt des Volkes / Dr. Magn. Hirschfeld, / bekannter Gerichissachverst / In Sexualfällen a Vorkämpf. / gegen die 175 und 218 [Albert Grzeinski, Police Commissioner of Berlin. Dr. Bernhard Weiss, His Vice president. George Bernhard, Democrat former editor and editor in Chief of Voss, Zeit” and council of Warenhaus. Dr. H. C. Hirtsiefe, Prussian Minister for the welfare of the people. Dr. Magn. Hirschfeld, known court expert in sexual cases against the 175 and 218]
    front, image captions, 2nd row, black ink : Otto Hörsing, / ehem. Kommandier. General / des Reichsbanners / Dr. Bell, / Unterzeichner des Versailler / Vertrages / Dr. Rud. Hilferding, / ehem. Wiener Arzt, Führer / d. SPD., Reichsfinanzminist. / während der Inflation / Minister Stegerwald, / Reichsarbeitsminister, / Mitglied des Zentrums / Crispien, / Sozialdemokrat, / der kein Vaterland kennt / das Deutschland heißt. [Otto Horsing, former Commanding General of the Reichsbanner. Dr. Bell, signer of the Versailles treaty. Dr. Rud. Hilferding, former Viennese physician, leader of the SPD. And minister of Finance during Inflation. Minister Stegerwald, Minister of Labour, and member of the German Center Party. Crispien, Social Democrat, who knows no fatherland called Germany.]
    front, slogan, center, Fraktur font, black ink : Wir wählen hitler! [We choose Hitler! ]
    front, image caption, 3rd row, black ink : Hermann Göring, / Pour le mérite-Flieger im / Weltkrieg / Alfred Rosenberg, / bekannt Außenpolitiker der / N.S.D.A.P. Chefredakteur d. / „Völkischen Beobachter” / General V. Epp, / der Befreier Münchens / Hauptmann Röhm, / Frontsoldat, im Weltkrieg / zerschossen, heute Führer / der gesamten SA. / General Litzmann, / der Löwe von Brzeziny [Herman Goring, Pour le Merite ace in World War I. Alfred Rosenberg, known foreign policy member of the Nazi party, Editor in Chief of the Volkischer Beobachter. General V. Epp, liberator of Munich. Hauptmann Rohm, front line solder, shot during World War I, and now leader of the entire SA. General Litzmann, Lion of Brzeziny.]
    front, image caption, bottom row, black ink : Gregor Strasser, / der Organisator / der N.S.D.A.P. / Hans Schemm, / Führer der nationalsozia- / listischen Lehrer / Graf Helldorff, / Führer der Berliner SA / Dr. Goebbels, / Führer der Berliner National- / sozialisten und Reichspropa- / gandachei der N.S.D.A.P. / Dr. Frick, / der erste Minister / der N.S.D.A.P. [Gregor Strasser, Organiser of the Nazi Party. Hans Schemm, Leader of the National Socialist Teachers, Graf Helldorff, Leader of Berlin SA. Dr. Goebbels, Leader of the Berlin Nazis and Propaganda Chief of the Nazi Party. Dr. Frick, first Minister of the Nazi Party.]
    front, slogan, bottom, Fraktur font, black ink : Schau Dir diese Köpfe an, und Du weißt, / wohin Du gehörst! [Check out the portraits here, and you know where you belong!]
    front, bottom left corner, black ink : Verantwortlich: Heinz Franke, München - Druck: R. Scheffler, Leipzig S 3
    Issuer: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei
    Publisher: Heinz Franke
    Printer: R. Scheffler

    Physical Details

    Nazi propaganda
    Object Type
    Handbills (tgm)
    Political posters.
    Physical Description
    Intaglio print poster in black ink on faded white paper with 20 captioned photographic headshots of adult males separated by large titles in German. Across the top is the title, Wir Wählen Hindenburg, printed in pseudo-Hebrew font. Below this are 2 rows of 5 evenly spaced photographs. Across the center is a title in bold Fraktur font, Wir Wählen Hitler. Below this are 2 rows of 5 evenly spaced photographs. Across the bottom are 2 lines in bold Fraktur font, Schau Dir diese Köpfe an, und Du weißt, wohin Du gehörst! See record 2016.184.461 for another copy of this poster.
    overall: Height: 12.625 inches (32.068 cm) | Width: 9.500 inches (24.13 cm)
    overall : paper, ink

    Rights & Restrictions

    Conditions on Access
    No restrictions on access
    Conditions on Use
    No restrictions on use

    Keywords & Subjects

    Corporate Name
    Nazi Party

    Administrative Notes

    The broadside was acquired by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 1999.
    Funding Note
    The cataloging of this artifact has been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.
    Record last modified:
    2023-06-06 10:14:40
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