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Jonny's Gang short comedy

Film | Accession Number: 2019.545.12 | RG Number: RG-60.7039 | Film ID: 4417

German titles: “Das Ende von Jonnys Gang” “Jonny's Gang: Hans Inderka, Holly Fischer, Friedl Schreier, Holly Adam, Gust Kestranek.” “Jonnys Freundinnen: Thea Herrmann, Tr. Krautschneider, Lari Novotna, Helga Bosraug.” “Das letzte Opfer: Herma Schwammenhofer” “Detektive von Scottland Yard: Fredl Kerpes, Herbert Adam, Walter Schubert, Richard Inderka, Theo Spitzer” “Aufnahmen. Walter Hausner.” “Mitglied des Klubs der Kino-Amateure Österreichs”

Comedy film about “Jonnys Gang”. People dancing very closely. A woman hangs her arm over a mustached man. CU, man’s tattoo. Three men around a table, smoking. Cut-in with CU of woman (the victim). Back to men smoking, one wields a knife, another a gun. Man reads a newspaper and scowls at the mustached man (Jonny) and his girlfriend. He throws her off his lap, pushes over the table, and fights the newspaper man. The gang defends the mustached man, and his girlfriend returns to his lap. 01:02:20 Three women walk down the sidewalk. Jonnys Gang (4 men) walk towards them, look them over, and walk close to a building. The newspaper man in a trenchcoat and hat crouches, sneaks behind the gang, and into the door of a house. Jonnys Gang climbs into the window of the house, while the newspaper man, with a fake beard and pistol, exits the door. Jonnys Gang kidnaps a tied-up woman through the window of the house, and take her past a man in a hat (officer?) who attempts to stop them. The man with the beard and pistol follows the Gang, and then reveals his identity to the officer. Jonnys Gang tries to make a run for it. The officer? blows a whistle for the good guys to catch Jonnys Gang who escape into a tunnel and evade being caught. 01:04:32 Friends at the beach. CUs. The men swing a woman back and forth over the sand. They wrestle around on the beach, in water, and on grass. CUs. 01:05:30 Jonnys Gang arrives with the kidnapped woman, followed closely by the “good guys” in trenchcoats. They fight, Jonnys Gang is triumphant. Film ends with Walter Hausner’s logo at 01:06:01

01:06:02 CUs friends in a park. Sightseeing in Paris, street scenes, traffic. Eiffel Tower. Flowering trees in a park, swans in lake, statue in columns, large building (blurry).

Event:  approximately 1930-1933
Vienna, Austria
Paris, France
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Elizabeth Hausner
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:43:12
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