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Textile factory, family, daily life in Jihlava; horse race in Austria

Film | Accession Number: 2019.545.12 | RG Number: RG-60.7048 | Film ID: 4425

Title: “Iglau August 1931 und 1932” WH logo. Swimming. Citrus trees, kitten. 01:01:13 Elderly man in doorway of family factory in Jihlava [Iglau], Czechoslovakia. “August 1933” Weekly market in Jihlava. Large group of Hausner family members pose for camera, including Ferdinand, his wife Wilhelmina, sister Julie, son Franz, and father Salomon with cane. 01:04:43 LS, factory. 01:05:07 “Prag” Statue on the Charles Bridge, CUs of Wilhelmina. Street scenes with traffic and shops, cobbled streets. Tower with clock in the distance. Street sign for “Karlovy Vary” and shop “Stoklasa” with pedestrians. Young woman with hat poses by a budding tree. LS, Prague castle. A couple canoes on Vltava river in Prague, scenic shots. 01:07:46 Wilhelmina walks towards the camera. More scenic views of the riverbank and boats. Dogs. Man and woman posing for camera.

01:09:04 “Iglau”Daily life in Jihlava, Czechoslovakia. CUs, young women at leisure. Small dog. Women sit on benches, smoking, women play table tennis in BG. 01:09:36 Women parading (brief shot), crowds gather in square, tennis, CUs of friends. 01:10:01 Cross-dressed couple, possibly shot for Jonnys Gang film. Men playing tennis. Smiling friends, with small dog. 01:11:16 Athletes march in streets, [quick cut of tennis match] women in traditional costume [CUs dogs], men on horses, military. 01:12:09 Title: “Aufzug der Berghaeuer” MS, another parade with men and children in costumes, spectators line the cobbled streets, religious clergy. Pan up, down, LS of clock-tower in Czechoslovakia. “Sladek...” painted on side of building, archway, pedestrians. Street sign: “U brány Beim Frauentor” followed by sign with history of Frauentor, and another LS of the EXT of the tower. CUs, friends, spirited young people. Young woman wears a blouse with “HP” embroidered at neck. Playing tennis. WH logo.

01:15:52 Ornate balcony, Austrian flag, statues and fountains at Schonbrunn Palace and other sights in Vienna. “Karl Wessely” “Moebel” “Radio” shop signs on a cobbled street. Fountains. Outdoor theatre displaying a miniature toy program. Veteran in decorated uniform. Horse show at outdoor stadium, horses jumping. WH logo. Film ends. 01:20:31

Event:  1931-1933
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Jihlava, Czechoslovakia
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Elizabeth Hausner
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:43:13
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