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Family activities before the Holocaust in Szeged, Hungary

Film | Accession Number: 2019.432 | RG Number: RG-60.7063 | Film ID: 4440

AGFA 8 logo. (color) Man walks through gate into his garden. Fade. Pető and Lengyel family members follow. Fade. Marika and János pose, flowers. He skips, Marika chases him. 01:38. Street scenes in Szeged, woman pushes carriage over cobbled sidewalk. 01:48 Pető walks towards the camera. He takes off his coat and sits on a white bench in Mora Park in Szeged. Man in uniform walks a dog. Pető smokes a cigarette. Boat in river. Smoke from factory across the river. Pető leans against wall, looking out over the river. 03:12 (black and white) CU, grass. Boy with father and farmer walk through crops outdoors. 03:26 Women dining outdoors in Szeged, on left, Zseni Krausz, the mother of Győrgy Pető (who died in Auschwitz) with her daughter Rózsi Pető (sister of Győrgy Pető) in checkered dress. János rides on a tricycle outdoors in a park. CUs, he smiles. Outdoor restaurant in Szeged, groups dine and drink at tables. 05:15 Endre Kardos, a good friend of Pető, in Szeged. Man in uniform at one of the tables. János rides his bicycle. Hunting in fields. Family group. 06:40 Walking along a snowy path, CUs of a group of people. Snow-covered park in Szeged, light-post, deer. 08:09 INTs, Lajos Lengyel, father of Győrgy Pető (died in Sopron when he returned from concentration camp and was shot), smoking. Rózsi talking and laughing, also indoors. VAR CUs, indoors, the group joking around, laughing, eating. 09:11 Table is set, man opens bottle of champagne, and they toast (including Pető standing at 10:15). 10:30 The family enjoys a meal outdoors, includes Zseni, Roszi, and Lajos. Lajos and a woman walk towards the camera in the garden at their home in Szeged. Zseni waters the plants with a hose. At the river, man teaches János how to swim. Woman dives into the water from the pier, some shots in slow-motion. Pető dives into the water. Film ends 13:36

Szeged, Hungary
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Dr. Katalin Pető
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:39
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