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Elbe river crossing; Woebbelin after liberation; POW camp

Film | Accession Number: 2021.89 | RG Number: RG-60.7176 | Film ID: 4514

Field camp of German anti-aircraft soldiers. Title card: “Forced labor camp of Poles, Russians and French" Low brick buildings of unidentified forced labor camp. Men, women and children dressed in civilian clothes, daily activities. Title card: “Just married this morning! I just missed it. Romance blossoms under any conditions it seems”. Social gathering in town center. Title card: “The Germany of the future…I hope!” People tilling soil on farm with cow pulling plow. “Note primitive wood plow” Walking along road - soldiers in uniform along with women and men in civilian clothes, all smiling. Title card: “Just liberated these French after 4 years of labor start their long trek home and were they happy!” 01:04:39 Title card: “Wonderfully good roads” Red Cross, other military trucks. Passing British soldier’s grave draped in flowers, soldier’s helmet. Caravan, including tanks crossing over Elbe River on bridge. Displaced German civilians walking in opposite direction on foot through villages. 01:09:00 Title card: "Germans waiting for milk. Doors open at 3. They were here at 6.”

01:09:29 Title card: “Inside forced labor camp” American soldier inspects empty building of bunks at camp, dishes left on tables. Title card: “Boards, a little straw to sleep on” Title card: “Concentration camp at Wobbelin” Low wooden camp buildings, barrels, barbed wire fencing and guard towers, concealed in wooded area. Sign: “Auffanglager Woebbelin Kommandantur”. Pan, remains of camp building with brick columns, wood beams. Title card: “Barbed wire to sleep on!”

01:12:54 Title card: “Germans fleeing from Russians become refugees” Displaced German refugees set up camp, tents in fields. Men, women, children, daily activities. Title card: “Horses plentiful but going fast for food”. Massive number of people (displaced civilians and soldiers) on foot, some with carriages, trucks with personal belongings. Title card: “Fleeing from the Russians, Germans by the thousands jam the road.” 01:16:30:23 “Soldiers by the 100,000! Thrill packing hours”. 01:18:23 Title card: “PW Camp” Soldiers on foot, horseback with weapons, prisoners (POWs) marching in fields.

Event:  1945
Woebbelin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Museum of Jewish Heritage
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:05:20
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