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Survivors with concentration camp tattoos; USO performance; Russian soldiers

Film | Accession Number: 2021.89 | RG Number: RG-60.7178 | Film ID: 4516

American soldier walking amongst fly bombs, low buildings in fields with tree cover. CU, bomb,“Nicht Auftreten” Title card: “So well concealed it was never bombed” 01:02:06 Title: “A British plane is consumed by explosion of ammunition train it strafed.” Bombed out plane filmed from vehicle on dirt road. Title: "Trees blown over from blast” Soldiers examine wreckage. “German field piece” Machine and camouflaged fence.

01:04:30 Title card: “Jewish girls from Italy, Belgium, Greece.” Female Jewish survivors near Rostow showing their prisoner tattoos. Girls in dresses, smiling showing their arms with concentration camp identification tattoos. “Rastow” sign. Men relaxing in front of building in camp.

Title “USO Show” Makeshift stage in field, USO show for American soldiers: musical performance with horn and accordion; comedy sketches. 01:08:38 Title: “Americans were held prisoners here until we came” American soldiers, “USA” labeled military equipment, Red Cross. Title card: “Road Block" Vehicle on on route to Schwerin, Germany, American soldiers mingling, some wearing white armbands. 01:10:13 Title card: “Soldiers, civilians, refugees line the roads” “Entering Schwerin. Our forward elements met the Russ[ians]. A climactic period!”. In Schwerin, a brigade of trucks, Red Cross on horseback, horse and carriages move through town. Small boats docked in body of water. 01:11:37 Title card: “Castle converted by Germans into hospital”. Castle grounds with people and horse-drawn carts. Plaque for WWI soldiers “1914-1918 Unseren Gefallenen”.

01:13:23 Scenes at an unidentified forced labor camp: farm, laborers, men, women, children. 01:13:23 Title card: “Polish nurse” Nurse with armband and upside-down triangle numbered 2153. “Aftl. Arztin” Title card: “Dress of the forced laborers were these blue & grey striped prison uniforms” Polish women (former prisoners) in striped dresses. One has a "P" pin on her dress.

01:14:13 Title card: “Some liberated Russians, Mongols” Soviet men in coats with handprinted label “S.U.” Vehicle on fire in field, Red Cross truck passing by. Farmhouse. Title card: “A beautiful fresh manure pile right at the front door of this farmhouse.”

Event:  1945
Rostow, Germany
Schwerin, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Museum of Jewish Heritage
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:05:20
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