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Ferencz interviewed by Lynn Samuels

Film | Accession Number: 1994.A.0037 | RG Number: RG-12.021.16

Radio interview with Benjamin Ferencz. Host: Lynn Samuels. WBAI.
Interview focuses on Ferencz's involvement at Nuremberg and in negotiations with the West German government for restitution of property. The Reparations Treaty provided a) a lump sum (3 billion DM) to Israel paid in German goods over 10-12 years; b) $100 million to Jewish charitable organizations over a ten year period for relief work outside of Israel in reestabishing Nazi survivors and Jewish communities; and c) special new laws in Germany for compensation to survivors if they prove injury from Nazi persecution [injury includes: 1) loss of freedom, for instance, through incarceration at a concentration camp); 2) permanent physical disability; or 3) economic losses, for instance, barring Jews from practicing certain professions]. Ferencz also played a key role in developing a legal aid society (United Restitution Organization) to help victims. He discusses in great detail the content of his book "Less than Slaves" (1979) that deals primarily with forced labor and German industrialists. For the most part, these huge corporations claimed they saved Jewish lives and refused to either legally or morally compensate victims. Also, they claimed they were forced to employ slave labor, which according to Ferencz is a "filthy lie," as he discovered documentation otherwise.

Event:  1980 January 28
New York, NY, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Benjamin Ferencz
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