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Global Structures Convocation panel discussion on UN reforms

Film | Accession Number: 1994.A.0037 | RG Number: RG-12.021.34

Panel Discussion: "Case for Comprehensive Reforms of the UN" Global Structures Convocation, Crystal City, VA. February 3-6,1994. (tape 50 in conference series)
Panelists include: Benjamin Ferencz, John Logue (director of the Common Heritage Institute; president of World Federalist Association), Tad Daley (executive director of Campaign for a New UN Charter), and Benton Musselwhite (president of One World Now). The moderator is Melinda Burrell.
Ferencz discusses his twenty years of dedicated work on trying to create a rational world order. He expresses great concern about the lack of enforcement of the promises outlined in the charters of both the League of Nations and the United Nations. He identifies the main source of the "great betrayal" in the veto power. Ferencz proposes 1) a system of clear laws to define what is permissable and not permissable; 2) a system of courts to determine whether laws have been violated and to serve as a forum for the settlement of disputes; and 3) a system of effective enforcement to achieve peace and dignity for all humankind. These essential ingredients, according to Ferencz, are critical for all lawful societies. He encourages the audience to recognize what has already been done and to build on it to make it work. He charges the Security Council with implementing all aspects of its charter through taking the authority and responsibility to maintain peace. They should set up four structures and agencies of peace to enforce: 1) disarmament; 2) effective sanctions; 3) an international military force; and 4) a system of effective social justice. Within this system, no veto power would be applicable. Finally, Ferencz urges determination on the part of all to make a lawful international arena work, exclaiming, "Stop dreaming and start screaming. The time is now!" Logue speaks about comprehensive legal reform (what, why, how). Daley argues that by 1995 the international community should initiate a process that will lead to a world summit for a new UN charter. Musselwhite introduces his worldview for a peaceful planet.

Event:  1994 February
Production:  1994
Washington, DC, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Benjamin Ferencz
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