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David Glick's trip to WWI battle sites in France in the late 1920s

Film | Accession Number: 2004.320.2 | RG Number: RG-60.4308 | Film ID: 2701

EXT, VS of unidentified town in France, in the vicinity of Verdun, France. Horses and carts pass by, townspeople move about the streets. Three Americans (David Glick, his wife, and an unidentified woman) standing in front of a monument and memorial to the fallen in World War I. The monument is in a town square, children are visible playing in the BG. It is difficult to make out the inscription on the monument due to the poorly shot footage, but the year inscribed on one of the stone pillars is "1918". Camera pans this pillar from top to bottom, a wreath lies at the foot of the monument. Another large horse drawn cart full of straw is led by a man through the streets of the town.
More shot of the townspeople near the WWI memorial, the Americans talk to the locals, MCU of local children at the memorial. 01:01:17:05 David Glick appears on screen, he is speaking to his wife and some of the townspeople. There is also another American man featured, he is slender and has a mustache and he is talking in a very animated fashion while pointing out something on a photo that he is holding in his hand. The camera pans the monument again, and the words "Commemorative of the Heroic Deeds of the Third Division" VS along the river in this same town. LS, the four Americans entering a WWI cemetery with large iron gates, LS, panning the cemetery and row upon row of white crosses. MCU of the grave marker for "Giulio Quecchia". MS of the large memorial arch in the center of the cemetery with a wreath. VS, the town and countryside surrounding the cemetery, old Roman ruins in the region, mountains, fields, etc.

WWI German tank that still lies in an open field, the tank is tipping over slightly and is covered with graffiti, CU of the graffiti. LS of a man riding a bicycle on a nearby road, German tank again from another angle, this time the German Army cross is visible on it. CU, two men in an unidentified town, they both have bandages on their face, most likely WWI veterans who are still suffering from their war wounds. The two men joke and rough house with each other, one has a bandage under his right eye, the other has a bandage wrapped around his forehead. MS, brick arched entrance to another WWI cemetery. MS, inside the cemetery, two workers laying stones, rows of crosses visible in the BG. MLS, a gardener tilling the soil near graves, CU, white cross grave markers, all the graves in this cemetery have flowers, camera pans the entire cemetery, more shots of the workers in the graveyard. Another scene in the countryside, the four American are looking at the ruins of a large stone structure that looks like it was once a bridge. CU of the lower supports of this structure, the two American women are peeking in, they seem tentative about going into the space. The camera cuts away to another view of the surrounding countryside and a large church or shrine off in the distance. MS, underneath the bridge, debris and objects are scattered about. More views of cemetery in France, French flag flying in the center of a large grassy field. MS, entrance to a church, pan of the church. This is the same building that was first visible in LS. Glick running up and down a rock formation in the French countryside. MS, Two men in WWI soldiers' uniforms sit at the entrance to what looks like the remains of an underground bunker built into the hillside. They talk to each other and to the camera. VS, more sightseeing in the northeastern French countryside. More pans of the cemetery.

Event:  1928
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Allen S. Hepner
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:04:03
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