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David Glick's trip to Europe 1936/37

Film | Accession Number: 2004.320.2 | RG Number: RG-60.4311 | Film ID: 2704

Reims, France. CU of a man with a long beard, and loose fitting clothing, holding a pigeon in his hand and feeding it, another pigeon rests on his other arm. MLS of a street in the city, a street lamp hangs from the corner of a building, and a sign above a doorway reads: "Champignons". VS, of the neighborhood, a cat running along a ledge of a building, rows of houses, three women dressed in traditional costumes with white pointed hats, a street corner with a restaurant called "Restaurant Jeanne-D'Arc," men sitting in a bar raising a glass to the camera, the owners of the bar smile and wave to the camera from behind the bar, (most of this INT footage is very poorly lit, often figures looks like shadows). EXT, sign on awning on building reads "Roger Dallain" and features gilded statuary of horses' heads. LS, narrow alley-like street. Men using public urinals, men posing with long baguettes of bread, women filling their buckets at the water fountain along the street. VS, of the Reims Cathedral (Notre Dame de Reims), seen in CU and LS, CUs of the architectural details. 01:03:26:00: MLS of David Glick exiting the Cathedral, looking up towards the sky, his hat in his hand. He puts his hat back on and walks toward the camera. CU of an archway with engraving about Jeanne d'Arc. 01:03:57:00: LS of David Glick sitting down on a street corner, talking to the person operating the camera, he gets up and walks toward the camera. VS, outdoor food market. 01:04:20:29: Black and white footage ends. 01:04:21:00: Color footage begins: LA, MS, two women (one is David Glick's wife) stand on a balcony looking at geranium plants and down to the camera person below. Camera pans the large rustic style hotel, the snow capped mountains in the BG and the surrounding buildings. The sign above the hotel's main entrance, reads: "Hotel Riesse..." (The entire sign is not visible, it may be Riessen). David Glick's wife touring the village, drinking from a public water fountain, talking to locals in Bavarian dress on the dock of a lake, in front of a house, in front of a local shop, etc. VS, the locals going about their daily activities, plowing the fields, etc. Panoramic shots of the mountains and the river. Mrs. Glick having a meal on the hotel balcony. 01:06:30:15: Color footage ends. 01:06:30:16: Black and white footage begins. Location: France. In one shot Mrs. Glick is talking with a young man as they stand in front of a public fountain. In the next shot David Glick is posing with this same man. INT: and elderly woman sits in a chair near a window, and talks to the camera (very poorly lit). EXT. The elderly woman is helped down a set of stairs by two younger women. The camera follows them as they begin to walk down the street, toward the camera, the old woman smiles. EXT. HA shot looking down on Mr. and Mrs. Glick as they wave at the camera as their ferry boat pulls away from the dock. Camera pulls back to reveal the name of the ferry, the "French Line." VS, rooftop views of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is seen in LS. Street scenes in Paris, more shots of public urinals, black and white footage ends at 01:08:44:29.Color footage begins at 01:08:45:00. This was shot in Pittsburgh, PA. LS of a cathedral. Mrs. Glick exits the church, waving at the camera. VS of the cathedral. LS, David Glick on the lawn near a large building with ionic columns, he walks toward the camera. MCU of David Glick as he talks to the camera operator. Mrs. Glick sits on a park bench reading and smiling for the camera. VS of David and Mrs. Glick, as well as a younger boy at their home. They play and joke for the camera, dressed in their souvenir Bavarian costumes.

Event:  1936/37
United States
Paris, France
Reims, France
Bavaria, Germany
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Allen S. Hepner
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:20
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