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David Glick's JDC mission to South America

Film | Accession Number: 2004.320.2 | RG Number: RG-60.4310 | Film ID: 2703

EXT, Lima Peru. LS, camera pans a shanty town at the base of the Andes Mountains. VS of clear blue sky, clouds and mountains as seen from the window of an airplane, the plane's wing is visible in the FG. EXT, a city in the main plaza and on city streets. The cameraman concentrates on capturing images of the indigenous people in traditional dress with bundles, packages and even their children on their heads or backs. Men, women and children are featured. People in the BG of several shots wear contemporary Western style clothing, and look much more European. 01:26 La Paz and surroundings. The mountains seen from a high vantage point. MS, a local family (mother, father, and child) talk to a European-dressed woman. LS, four people walk down a road in a mountain village. CU, red flowers in bloom, MS, two ox drawn carts moved down a street in a local village. More CUs of flowers. 02:07 possibly Santa Cruz or Cochabamba, Bolivia LS, a high cement wall surrounds a Spanish-style villa, viewed from the road. A palm tree rises high above the walls of the villa. LS, the entrance to the villa, the gate is open, a man in the BG greets the cameraman. LS, road from the gate of the villa. MS, a man in a white suit holds two brilliantly hued parrots on his hand, posing outside the villa (his home?). The house has a Spanish tiled roof. EXT shot from the window of a building overlooking a busy city street, workers sweeping sand off the streets in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Modern skyscrapers are visible in the distance, cars move along. VS of the street, the beach, people walking along the beach, the waves hitting the shore, etc. Workers shovel sand into trucks and onto the beach. VS, architecture throughout the city, several ornate buildings and monuments, gardens, new construction of high rise buildings, the mountains along the shore, etc. LS of the statue of Christ with his hands outstretched atop Cordova Mountain. VS, the city of Rio, locals sunbathing, roads along the mountainside. More shots in the mountains, and views of hotel called the "Miami Colonia," possibly in Uruguay, as well as the street below, lined with palm trees and automobiles, shot from the window of a building adjacent to the hotel. 01:06:02 Scene shifts to Washington, DC. LS shot from inside a moving vehicle, of a line of trees and the tip of the Washington Monument visible above the tree line, LS of the US Capitol.

Event:  approximately 1938-1939
Production:  1944
South America
Washington, DC, United States
Rio de Janiero, Brazil
La Paz, Bolivia
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Allen S. Hepner
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:04:28
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