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Celebrating the opening of the new Reichstag; parades in Potsdam

Film | Accession Number: 2005.547.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4352 | Film ID: 2775

Celebrating the opening of the new Reichstag in Potsdam's Garrison Church on March 21, 1933 (film continues on Film ID 2682). Shows overpowering National Socialist propaganda. Goebbels staged this day as a device to win support from conservatives and to reassure Germans that the new Reich's Chancellor Hitler could be trusted.

German intertitles (in quotation marks).
"Der Tag von Potsdam 1933"
"Ein Kinagfafilm aufgenommen mit der Agfa Movex auf Agfa Umkehrfilm 16mm"
Bridge with Nazi decorations, sign reading "Wir grussen das neue Deutschland". German soldiers on the street.
"Letzte Vorberitungen" Final preparations for the Day of Potsdam. Boys painting white lines on the cobblestone street. Older men shovel dirt, set up carpeted walkways. Crowd gathers for celebration. CUs, 2 boys with drums. Young SS officer holds back the crowd (spectators smile, staged for the camera).
"Anmarsch im Schneegestoeber" Parade, marching band in streets, snowing, rifle troops. 01:02:15 MS, street with spectators lined. "Gott mit uns" banner. City decorates, waiting for the parade, snowing.
"Vor der Nikolaikirche Gen. von Hammerstein und Reichswerminister von Blomberg" CU, men on stairs of St. Nicholas Church, well-dressed women in BG. Spectators on wall, waiting for the parade. Young boys (laughing) as they climb the wall, soldiers goading/pushing them off the wall (staged, people are laughing). Awaiting the beginning of the parade.
"Die Salutbatterie rueckt an" LS, horse brigade marches on.
"Reichstagpraesident Goering und die Abgeordneten begeben sich zum Gottesdienst" Goering gets out of automobile with top hat, walks up stairs.
"Ankunft des Reichspraesidenten von Hindenburg" von Hindenburg, very decorated, gets out of vehicle with cane, greets clergy, goes up stairwell, SA salute.
"Unwiderstenlich aengen die Massennach" Cars with Nazi flags. Troops hold back the boisterous crowd (staged, note men smiling).
"Die nationalen Verbaende marschieren auf" HAS, NS marching band in organized columns. CUs, legs marching towards church. Man in wheelchair. MS, parading, holding flags representing various military branches. VAR shots. HAS. Pan up, spectators in balconies. HJ troops marching with flags.
"Offiziere der alten Armee" Army veterans, decorated, stand together as spectators in special cordoned area. Steel helmets, marching band, HAS marching on cobblestone streets. View from ground level, soldiers guarding crowd.
"Graf Helldorf" CUs soldiers
"Die Stahlhelmfuehrer Duesterberg und von Stephani" Soldiers with Iron Cross. Steel helmets lined up. Balcony. Other paraders lined up.
"Vor der Garrisonkirche versammeln sich die Ehrengaeste" HAS formal procession into Garrison Church. Also seen from street level.
"General Litzmann" CUs, escorted by soldiers. Saluting Goering.
"Von der Nikolaikirche geben sich die Mitglieden der Regierung und die Abgeordneten in feierlichem Zuge zum Staatsakt un die Garrisonkirche" More officials proceed down crowd-lined streets protected by soldiers. Steel helmets. HAS, officials proceed to Garrison Church, 2 automobiles in FG.
"Reichsminister Goering in Erwartung des Reichspraesidenten" 01:17:30 MS Goering. VAR official participants parading (film speed is too fast), some salute. Corridor on street. HAS, officials walking toward church.

Film Title
Der Tag von Potsdam
Event:  1933 March 21
Potsdam, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Consuelo Kagan
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:59:39
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