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United Jewish Appeal officials visit to Israel, circa 1948

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1365 | Film ID: 2936

Interior shots of fabric factory machinery and workers. United Jewish Appeal officials tour the facility, inspect fabric produced, and converse with factory workers. Julian Venezky appears at 01:00:46. UJA men, including Venezky and Sidney Green (?), exit the factory. Some of the officials are women. Point of view shot from interior of a moving car, passing by a checkpoint with a sign in Hebrew. The cars drive past a fenced area, probably a camp for new immigrants. Pedestrians smile at the car. UJA officials, now out of their cars, talk to people on the street. The camera pans down to reveal that some of the people are barefoot. Children pose for the camera. 01:02:46 UJA officials view a landscape of farmland from afar. 01:03:43 The officials walk down a road, presumably receiving a tour. Samuel Rothberg, with thick dark hair, appears at the head of the group. The group sits on a grassy hillside. 01:04:10 Henry Montor sits on the right, wearing dark glasses. Julian Venezky sits on the left. They proceed with their tour, followed by two girls wearing shorts and carrying farm implements, who look back and smile at the camera. Interior shots of the group eating a meal.

01:05:16 Members of the group, including Henry Montor, disembark from a plane (perhaps arriving in Israel?) on a runway and are greeted by a small crowd. Men and women seated outdoors at a table smoking and talking. Golda Meir appears at 01:06:22. Shots of Henry Montor in discussion with another man. Another scene of the group eating a meal indoors. 01:07:08 The group stands outside the Hotel Gat-Rimmon. Henry Montor talks to Golda Meir.
Nice street scenes shot from inside a car as it passes through town. The car moves into the countryside and stops at some buildings being constructed. Workers lay a foundation. CUs of two little girls and the workmen smoking. Julian Venezky, Henry Montor, and Samuel Rothberg talk. 01:09:10 the group tours a camp, presumably for new or not-so-new immigrants. Nice portraits of people, especially children, and shots of the tents where they live. A man and several children pose outside a makeshift hair salon.

01:10:44 Shots on board a ship. UJA officials speak with a sailor. Overhead shots of ship passengers with their belongings. They appear to be immigrants. Men unload luggage from the ship. Passengers wait to disembark, some waving to the camera. Men and women are disinfected with DDT. Women and girls look out of portholes. More passengers leave the ship. UJA officials board a small boat, followed by POV shots of the harbor from the boat. Camera scans the horizon; military ships can be seen docked in the distance. 01:15:11 Cut to factory workers manufacturing bathtubs. Wearing protective masks, they apply a powdered coating to the metal tubs before loading them into a furnace. The UJA officials inspect a factory, perhaps the bathtub factory?

01:16:00 More refugee camp footage. A woman holds a plate of food for the camera. A man inflates a balloon for some waiting children. An official speaks amidst a gathered crowd. Some individuals become agitated with him, and appear angry. A scuffle ensues. Shots of a row of cribs out-of-doors. Parents pose with their infants. CUs of people looking at and talking to the camera. Tents with laundry hanging outside. 01:19:08 LS of tents. More shots of children in cribs out of doors, with nurses. CU of sign showing mealtimes in French, German, and Hebrew. More shots of the camp's residents in various situations.

01:22:26 Interior POV from moving car in the countryside. Officials explore a small village, conversing with residents. Rothberg and Venezky inspect a small garden. LS of tents and small brick buildings under construction (new housing for the camp-dwellers?). Henry Montor helps to mount an Israeli flag on one of the buildings.

01:24:57 Interior shots of men talking in an office. External shots of the Jewish Agency for Palestine. Meeting in a conference room inside the building, where a large map adorns the wall. A group of people visit a small graveyard, followed by an abandoned building in a state of disrepair. The group reads a document held by a man in an IDF uniform. Shots of war damage on a building. Officials pose with an Arab man. They talk to two Arabs riding camels. More footage of ruined buildings.

The UJA officials arrive by car at a large ivy covered building which has a sign in Hebrew, Arabic and English. The entire sign is too covered in ivy to read. 01:32:13 They tour the Weizmann Institute of Science and meet Chaim Weizmann. The group poses outside the building. Julian Venezky stands beside Chaim Weizmann in the middle of the picture.

Event:  circa 1948
Production:  circa 1948
Gat Rimmon, Israel
Givat Brenner, Israel
Haifa, Palestine
Be'er Sheva, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Rehovot, Israel
Tel Aviv, Palestine
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Robert Wertheimer
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