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Training at a Hitler Youth camp

Film | Accession Number: 2013.22.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1381 | Film ID: 2963

Pan slowly up to a Hitler Youth Flag waving. A mountain range is visible. 00:01:15 A Hitler Youth organizer meets with members outside the Salzburg train station prior to leaving for camp. The boys carry suitcases. Sign by the road with "HJ Fuehrerschule Groedig 1km" and a two-toned diamond with a swastika. Scenes of the camp at Groedig and mountain landscape from above. 00:02:00 The boys pile out of the bus and are arranged into groups. Boys carry uniforms out of the administration building. The algiz rune, a symbol Nazis used as a celebration of the history of German language, is displayed prominently on the door. 00:02:47 A doctor examines one of the youth members. The boys are woken up at 6:00 am and lined up for exercises and training. Boys exercising. 00:05:52 HJ throwing mock hand grenades. 00:06:11 HJ playing Battle ball (Kampfball).

00:06:25 Quick sequence in Munich, German soldiers drive past the cathedral. They march in Karolinenplatz by the large, metal-plated obelisk. Nazi propaganda hangs from houses and buildings. The NSDAP established a remote government location in the neighborhood’s Brown House as early as 1930; the building was destroyed by Allied air bombs late in the war.

00:06:59 Back in the mountains at Groedig camp, Hitler Youth members are taught to use compasses, maps, and guns. The boys march under a sign reading "elementary shooting space" on their way to target practice. 00:09:19 The boys work outdoors staking plots and digging. Older members of the Hitler Youth and their commanders hike up a mountain. They reach the summit mount and picnic. 00:11:07 Back at camp, the bare-shirted men sing and play a guitar and a zither. 00:12:17 Hitler Youth lay a wreath on a grave (from the cemetery built during WWI holding mostly Russian POWs and some Austrian war dead) and salute. The battalion commanders in uniform shake men's hands (in civilian dress).

Event Date
after 1939?
Munich, Germany
Salzburg, Austria
Groedig, Austria
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of James and Barbara Gatti
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