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Belgian couples tour Germany by bicycle

Film | Accession Number: 2013.131.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1453 | Film ID: 2991

The de Brouwers and their neighbors Joseph and Yvonne de Hemptinne, take a self-guided tour through Germany in July 1936. The film begins with an introduction of each traveler on the "Voyage au Pays Rhenan, taken in July 1936 by bicycle, boat, train, and car." Yvonne de Hemptinne (acting director for the film), Denise de Brouwer (acting treasurer), Joseph de Hemptinne (acting mechanic), and Carl de Brouwer (acting cameraman) smile at the camera while on a boat.

00:01:15 On a map of Western Europe, a pointer indicates the route of the families' journey from Cologne down the Rhein River and back north. 00:01:39 A sketch of Cologne Cathedral introduces their first destination. The group unloads bicycles from a train. 00:02:00 View of Cologne from a nearby bridge. Boats, church spires, and the cathedral. Posters for tour groups. 00:02:16 Yvonne, Denise, and Joseph walk on a street in Cologne before boarding a bus. Scenes from inside the crowded bus. The cathedral. 00:02:50 Two young men in uniform (HJ?) carrying backpacks enter the cathedral as Yvonne, Denise, and Joseph exit. Street scenes of Cologne. 00:03:11 The group rides bicycles on the Hohenzollern Bridge.

00:03:27 On a map of Germany, a pointer draws a line from Cologne to Bruhl to Bonn. Sketch of the Augustusburg Palace in Bruhl. 00:03:55 Yvonne, Denise, and Joseph walk down stairs and pose for the camera at Augustusburg Palace. Various shots of the gardens and large estate. The group tours the countryside by bicycle. CU of a sign for Bonn 10 km away. Yvonne, Denise, and Joseph smile at the camera while resting near a large bridge. View of the Rhine river and a kayak. 00:05:03 The group takes tea on a balcony. Carl sits by Denise.

00:05:21 Title for the next step of the journey in the Seibengebirge Mountains: "7 Mountains Drachenfels [Dragon's Rock]." Countryside from a moving vehicle. Ruined castle. Yvonne helps Denise climb stairs. Joseph scans countryside from an observatory. CU of Yvonne sitting and Denise laughing. Views of the Rhine. 00:06:24 Yvonne and Joseph follow Denise with bikes. Carl rides a bike. The group scales a hill on bicycles.

00:07:16 Sketch of four bikers and the title "A Travers l'Eifel" followed by a map of the region. 00:07:29 Joseph and Yvonne work on a bicycle wheel, while Denise waves to the camera behind them. CU of Carl and the German countryside. Yvonne, Denise, and Joseph continue the difficult trail on bicycles. Joseph pulls Denise with a rope. Carl walks his bicycle. 00:08:19 Sketch of a mountain range and the title "742 m. High 8." The group parks their bicycles in the countryside. Denise waves to the camera. CU of a photograph of the four travelers.

00:08:45 Map of the region. Sketch of a coat of arms introducing the groups' tour of Maria Laach Abbey, 40 km south of Bonn. 00:09:06 Camera pans across the grazing livestock and a lake (Laacher See) from an upper-story window. Joseph and Yvonne pose near the Laacher See. 00:09:49 Locals drive carriages through the village. Joseph and Yvonne paddle their canoe in the Laacher See. CU of Carl and Denise in canoe. Two local girls. Groups of young boys and girls in uniform, likely HJ, march as civilians watch. Men in an expensive parked car. Joseph rides his bicycle near them. Denise looks out over Laacher See.

00:10:42 Sketch of a sign of Koblenz and Maria Laach intersecting and a map of the region. Denise and Yvonne bike in the countryside. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and a statue of Emperor Wilhelm I. Civilians and tourists at the fortress. 00:11:35 The group kicks up their feet and relaxes by the Rhine river.

00:11:50 Map with a pointer drawing a line from Koblenz to St. Goar followed by the title "A Celebration Day at St. Goar" and a sketch of the Rhunfels Castle. Street scenes of St. Goar decorated with Nazi flags. Civilians and police walk through the streets. The Rhine.

00:12:27 Sketch of armed soldiers marching and the title "L'Armee du Travail." Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) soldiers led by a battalion leader march in the countryside.

00:12:46 Sketch of a mountain pass and a title introducing the next section of their journey through the mountains. Large steamboat and the banks of the Rhine river. The group bikes on a road overlooking the river.

00:13:20 Sketch of a toasting hand and the title "Ein Prosit." CUs of the group toasting, drinking, and posing for the camera.

Event:  July 1936
Cologne, Germany
Koblenz, Germany
Accessed at US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:39:10
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