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Jewish children in hiding with a Belgian family

Film | Accession Number: 2013.131.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1457 | Film ID: 2992

Family home movies of the de Brouwer family at their home in St Denis-Westrem, near Ghent, Belgium. The de Brouwer children take a walk in the woods and explore town with Denise. 00:22:15 Christmas 1941 at General van Maldeghem's house at 26 Boulevard General Jacques in Brussels. CUs of the children's maternal grandmother and grandfather. Denise and her mother solve a puzzle. 00:23:38 Annick (present with her children at the Christmas celebration) watches the street from a window.00:23:50 CUs of the butler Eugene in white. Various scenes from the van Maldeghems' home in Brussels; a trolley passes in the snow.

00:24:46 CUs of Jean-Marie smiling at the camera and playing. 00:25:44 Back at home in June 1942, Carl de Brouwer rides a bicycle to retrieve a relative from the train station. 00:26:00 Various scenes from St. Denis-Westrem. Adults sunbathe and talk in garden. Denise waves to the camera; Carl returns on the bike with the relative; adults walk in garden and sit outdoors to talk; a male relative climbs the children's swing set and then jokingly celebrates for the camera. The de Brouwer's barn and a Jersey cow.

00:28:36 Various scenes of the children-including Jewish refugees Adrien Sapcaru and Monique Mogoulsky-at St. Denis-Westrem in the Spring of 1943. The children play outdoors with a cart; pose hand-in-hand for the camera (Adrien is third from the right in the lederhosen; Monique is on the far left) before holding sticks and marching for the camera. 00:29:40 CUs of Jean-Marie playing with a ball. Jacques and Adrien playing catch. 00:30:25 Adrien emerges from a bush with the ball. Various scenes of the children playing; the girls read together (CUs of Monique Mogoulsky reading at 00:31:08); Jean-Marie crying in the garden; the children take tea outdoors; Madame Leger, the family tutor, helps the children on the swing set; children play in an empty grain silo.

00:33:45 In Summer 1943, Madeleine and Elvire, the de Brouwers' hired workers, weed in the garden. Mileke, the gardener's assistant, pushes a wheelbarrow. Fons Verzele, the de Brouwer's neighbor, sharpens a scythe before cutting tall grass. CUs of bees near the de Brouwers' apiary. Carl and a worker in the garden. One of the children does somersaults in the hay. 00:37:33 Various scenes of the de Brouwers and their employees working on St. Denis-Westrem. Denise returns from the station on a bicycle, while Fons continues to work with the scythe; the children carry a bucket of milk. Adrien with Jacques. Colette tries to wear in new wooden clogs (a wartime requirement). CUs of plants and bees. 00:39:00 Denise is greeted by all the children as she rides her bicycle. Elvire churns milk, and other workers pose before drying dishes and dusting a chair. Views of St. Denis-Westrem. Carl stuffs hay into the barn loft. The de Brouwers' workers pause during harvesting and picnic outdoors. CU of the local butcher's assistant.

Event:  1941-1943
Saint Denis-Westrem, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Imperial War Museums
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:20:08
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