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German Jewish family life and leisure activites, 1931-1934

Film | Digitized | Accession Number: 2014.527 | RG Number: RG-60.1747 | Film ID: 4108

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    German Jewish family life and leisure activites, 1931-1934


    01:00:02 Roll 1. Renate plays with a framed photograph. Mother Johanna (Hanna), partially in frame, shows her various objects to play with. Renate holds a piece of paper with the date written on it: 20.III.32. [March 20, 1932] Otto and Hanna hold Renate.
    01:02:15 Roll 2. HAS, train station, 1932. Elizabeth, Otto's sister, holds her baby. Sign for train from Dresden to Hamburg. Waving on the train platform. Renate walks in a park with Mother Hanna, Aunt Elizabeth Plaut Hamburger, and baby cousin Eleanor Hamburger. Brief shot of Renate sitting up in bed.
    01:04:43 Roll 2A. In a public park, Hanna and sister-in-law Elizabeth with Renate and her cousin, baby Eleanor, in carriages. A piece of paper behind an art drawing indicates the date: Sunday, January 31, 1932. Otto and sister Elizabeth pose together for the camera indoors. Views of Leipzig. The Plaut family gathers inside for Maximilian's birthday. Anna talks to her two grandchildren.
    01:06:46 Roll 2B. Street scene in Volendam, Holland. Elizabeth, Hanna, and mother Anna visit an outdoor fruit market. Cheese-making, weighing and moving wheels of cheese. Men barter. Clock tower. Family in a restaurant, filmed from outside the window. Market square and ships. Hanna and Elizabeth drive into a town and board a boat. Local men and women.
    01:10:54 Roll 3. Renate and other children enjoy a meal. The children play outside. Renate takes a walk around Leipzig with her mother, looks into shop windows.
    01:15:52 Roll 4. Brief shot of a baby. Renate plays with a doll.
    01:16:34 Roll 5. December 1933 to February 1934. Renate eats with other children. Renate plays with a baby carriage and speaks to father Otto as he films. She looks through a photo album.
    01:18:50 Roll 6. Hanna, Anna and, Maximillian dine in a hotel, pose for the camera, and take a walk in town (February to March 1934). Hanna eats a hotdog from a street vendor. Street scenes, sign showing Goethe's home in 1818. The group gathers around their car. Renate plays next to a watering can.
    01:21:03 Roll 7. EXT, gardens. CUs, baby birds in a nest. Renate and other children eat sweets at a party. The children play "duck, duck, goose" in the backyard.
    01:23:52 Roll 8. Adults socialize and dine outside, including Otto and his sister Elizabeth. 01:24:40 INT shots, dark, of family gathering inside. Back outdoors, Hanna's father gives flowers to the women. View of region. CU, cigarette in a dish. The calendar indicates it is Saturday, September 5, 1931.
    01:26:21 Roll 9. Hanna and Otto hold and play with toddler Renate. The date is Friday, September 11, 1931. Renate plays with objects on a desk.
    01:28:40 Roll 10. Outdoor tables and a pond. Brief shot of city shops at night in Hamburg in May 1931. Elizabeth sews.
    01:29:42 Roll 11. A nurse feeds Renate. The family in formal wear drinks tea (wedding?). In Zandvoort and Dresden in August 1932.
    01:31:58 Roll 12. Renate sits on a tricycle while her grandparents, Anna and Maximillian, show her how to ring the bell. Good CUs of the three. Procession of adults celebrating Christmas in 1932. Baby in a carriage in a garden.
    01:34:20 Roll 13. The Plauts are gathered around several tables, INTs (poor lighting), September 1932. Renate and another child ride the tricycle on the street under grandmother's supervision.
    01:37:14 Roll 14. Adults stretch and exercise in their swimsuits. A page from a calendar indicates it is Tuesday, June 23. Hanna plays with Renate in a park.
    01:41:29 Roll 15. Holiday at the ocean, "Zeebad", near Zandvoort or Ghent in 1932. Hanna pushes Renate in a pram. Diaper change. Musical group plays on the boardwalk. They enjoy the beach and play.
    01:45:52 Roll 16. Group stands by their car and have breakfast on a terrace overlooking a river. Hanna and a couple take a walk on a path in the woods. A Leipzig newspaper indicates the date as Saturday, November 21, 1931. Renate plays with various objects in the house and toddles.
    01:53:00 Roll 17. INT views, grainy, the Plauts gather for a celebration in honor of the family chauffeur. It is #1, a Friday, and the year and month are unclear, probably the first of January 1932, (note the Christmas tree on the table, and the film box is labeled Christmas 1931). A nanny plays with Renate.
    Event:  1931-1934
    Leipzig, Germany
    Hamburg, Germany
    Ghent, Belgium
    Volendam, Netherlands
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Andrew Plaut
    Camera Operator: Otto L. Plaut
    Otto L. Plaut, like his father Maximillian Plaut, was a doctor. He practiced in Leipzig, Germany before the outbreak of the war. Otto and his wife Johanna Plaut (née Löwenstein) raised three children: Renate (b. 1930) and twins Andrew and Martin (b. 1937). Dr. Otto Plaut filmed his family in their home city of Leipzig and on various holidays from 1931 to 1937, and after the war in Massillon, Ohio. Maximillian and Anna Plaut ((née Katz) were the first to immigrate to the United States. They arrived in New York on April 10, 1937 on the S.S. Ilsenstein from Antwerp, Belgium. Otto Plaut entered the United States on March 9, 1938. From Le Havre, France he took the S.S. Ile de France to New York. He was issued an immigration visa on February 10, 1938 in Leipzig, Germany. Last to arrive in the United States were Hanna, Renate, Andrew, and Martin on March 25, 1939. They took the S.S. Veendam from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Hanna received her immigration visa on March 3, 1939 in Leipzig.

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    Black & White
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    01:00:02:00 to 01:57:00:00
    Film Format
    • Master
    • Master 4108 Film: 16 mm - reversal original
      Master 4108 Video: Digital Betacam - NTSC - large
      Master 4108 Film: 16 mm - reversal original
      Master 4108 Video: Digital Betacam - NTSC - large
      Master 4108 Film: 16 mm - reversal original
      Master 4108 Video: Digital Betacam - NTSC - large
      Master 4108 Film: 16 mm - reversal original
      Master 4108 Video: Digital Betacam - NTSC - large

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    You do not require further permission from the Museum to access this archival media.
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
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    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum places no restrictions on use of this material. You do not require further permission from the Museum to reproduce or use this film footage.

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    Administrative Notes

    Film Provenance
    Dr. Andrew Plaut donated thirty six reels of 16mm film from his father, Dr. Otto L. Plaut, to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in November 2014.
    Eleanor Hamburger Must contacted USHMM in October 2016 and identified her mother Elizabeth Plaut Hamburger and herself in Rolls 2, 2A, and 2B.
    Eleanor donated her self-published autobiography to the Museum in Fall 2016.
    Film Source
    Dr. Andrew Plaut
    File Number
    Legacy Database File: 6015
    Source Archive Number: Camera Rolls 1 to 17
    Record last modified:
    2024-02-21 08:02:50
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