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Family takes trips; Jewish doctor's office sign

Film | Accession Number: 2014.527 | RG Number: RG-60.1749 | Film ID: 4110

01:01:00 Roll 34. Hanna and her mother walk around the town of Meersburg, Baden-Württemberg, in Southern Germany. Church. 01:02:01 Hotel sign with a Star of David hanging from it. The family drives in the countryside and stops by a gas station. They visit an outdoor market and Schloss Meersburg. Town square. Sheep. Hanna's parents consult a map for directions. MS, Otto's reflection as he films the back of one of the car lights.

01:09:07 Roll 35. View from a streetcar in a city. City workers shovel snow, construction. A sign outside of Otto's office reads, "Dr. Otto Plaut," located on Gottschedstraße in Leipzig. A page from a calendar indicates the date as Monday, February 23, 1931. A second date shows Sunday, March 15, 1931. Hanna plays with Renate. Calendar page indicates Saturday, March 21, 1931. Renate plays with a doll in her crib. Otto films himself in front of a mirror. Cake with dates "1892 -- 27. 3 -1931" written in icing. Maximillian and Anna celebrate their 40th anniversary. Scenes from the street taken from inside. A sign outside Otto's practice reads, "Dc. Med. Plaut." Calendar indicates the date as Friday, March 27, 1931. Otto holds a piece of paper reading Easter 1931. Maximillian and Anna board a train. A nanny pushes Renate in a pram. A page from a calendar indicates Sunday, April 26, 1931. Elizabeth (maybe Elizabeth Plaut Hamburger) holds a journal displaying the date Saturday, May 2, 1931. Hanna and Elizabeth on a boat together. Active port. Pinning flower on man's lapel.

01:23:27 Roll 36. Harbor and U.S.S. Ukuma ship. Aboard the ship, Otto films as cargo is loaded. Musical band. The ship pulls away from the dock. The ship docks in a city and cargo is unloaded. 01:27:56 Another voyage. Men working on the boat. Scenery from ship. Sailors. 01:32:34 The family walks through a city with local merchants. Nighttime scenes. Sailors help passengers move from a boat onto a ship amidst strong waves.

Event:  1931 to ?
Leipzig, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Andrew Plaut
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:27
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