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German Jewish family life prewar and postwar

Film | Accession Number: 2014.527 | RG Number: RG-60.1748 | Film ID: 4109

01:00:00 Roll 18. People wait to board COBRA ship in Cuxhaven, Germany in Summer 1931. Otto films as their boat passes by the German archipelago, Heligoland, and the distinctive Lange Anna. Otto smiles as he looks at the newborn twins. Otto and proud mother Hanna.
01:05:05 Roll 19. Farming. Women and children in traditional dress in Volendam, Holland. Plaut family by their car. Continuation of beach visit to Zandvoort in June 1932 from roll 15 in Film ID 4108. Hanna writes at a table. Renate cries and plays with other children on the beach.
01:09:30 Roll 20. Renate, Otto, Hanna, and others play in their backyard garden in Leipzig in May 1934. CU, baby.
01:11:55 Roll 21. Hanna and Renate feed birds in a park in November 1935. She looks out the window. Cactus plants.
01:14:29 Roll 22. Renate eats soup. Cake and games at Renate's birthday party in 1934.
01:16:34 Roll 23. Hanna and Renate on a boat, picnicking in the mountains. Tourist views of a town, riding in an automobile. CUs, butterflies in the grass. Renate laying in the grass.
01:20:49 Roll 24. Renate and other children eat sweets and play outside during her birthday in 1935.
01:23:00 Roll 25. Hanna sits on a ship docked in the town of Palermo, Italy during Easter 1935. Activity on the docks, captain. View of mountains at sea.
01:25:10 Roll 26. Side view of ship and the port. The family relaxes, knits, eats, play with cameras. Two sailors look on. Renate stands and jumps on a leather armchair. A page from a calendar indicates it is Wednesday, May 1, 1935. Renate plays with a scooter. Possibly in Pontresina, Switzerland.
01:29:14 Roll 27. Hanna and Renate take a walk in Leipzig. Renate tries to climb a fence. Renate and other children receive gifts at school for her first Schultag on March 15, 1936.

01:31:38 Roll 28. COLOR. Lakeside resort. Wedding guests. The family visits Niagara Falls in 1948. Front yard of the Plaut house is Canton, Ohio. Martin moves around on crutches and gets into the car in April 1950. An Ohio license plate on the car indicates the year as 1950.
01:35:59 Roll 29. COLOR. Twins Andrew and Martin at a pool. Cars drive down a main street. Andrew, Martin and another boy throw a football in front of the house. Renate talks to her father, Otto, as he films. MS, a Canton, Ohio newspaper.
01:40:35 Roll 30. ANSCO COLOR. Street scenes in Binghampton, NY in July 1948. The sign outside of Otto's office reads, "Otto L. Plaut, M.D."
01:42:00 Roll 31. B/W A snow plow moves piles of snow off of the road in 1950.
01:44:10 Roll 32. COLOR. Film is damaged. A baby, Elizabeth Ann, sits in a playpen outdoors, then plays in the grass in August 1957.

01:48:43 Roll 33. Hanna plays with baby Renate. A page from a calendar indicates it is Sunday, May 10, 1931. Hanna walks Renate in a park. Otto plays with Renate. Grandmother Anna talks to Renate. Playing in playpen. Calendar indicates the date as Tuesday, June 16, 1931.

Event:  1931-1957
Volendam, Netherlands
Leipzig, Germany
Zandvoort, Netherlands
United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Andrew Plaut
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:27
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