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Newlywed American couple travels to and in Western Europe

Film | RG Number: RG-60.0136 | Film ID: 4228

Title card: “Leaving New York August 20, 1932.” The newlyweds Ruth Carlson Horn and Dr. Morris Horn depart on their year-long honeymoon. They walk, embracing and kissing, down a corridor. Pan to group of men and women standing in a crowd behind a fence, who look up towards the camera and wave goodbye. They are on a dock labelled “City of New York Department Docks - Italian Line Swedish American.” A freight ship passes by in the harbor, with another passenger ship still docked behind it. NYC skyscrapers are visible in the distance.

Title card: “On Board M.V. Saturnia.” The Horns and two women walk towards the camera with linked arms on the ship’s deck. Below deck, finely dressed passengers greet one another.

Title card: “Lisbon.” The well-dressed young couple are approached by an older man who walks with them down a set of stairs in front of a fountain and archways. They visit the beach. Two men chat on board the ship. A crowd on the docks is filmed from the ship above as the M.V. Saturnia leaves the port, passing other boats. Pan, coastline.

Title card: “Rock of Gibraltar.” MS, Rock of Gibraltar.

Title card: “Italian Olympic Team.” A group of men and a few women in suits pose on the deck of the ship. A rowboat makes its way towards shore. Train tracks through a wooded area. Horizon, little visibility. On shore, the young couple speak with an elderly bearded man smoking a pipe. CU of the elderly man. A large crowd of people in dark clothing gather on the street; parade. Ruth on a street corner walking towards the camera. Behind her, bicycles, cars, and handsome cabs pass by on the street. Morris follows.

Title card: “Venice - Feeding Pidgeons St. Marks Square.” Ruth walks in the middle of a huge crowd of pigeons in St Marks Square, extending her arm in an unsuccessful attempt for one of them to land on her. Pigeons in a fountain. Street scene in Venice. An elderly gondolier helps Ruth into a gondola. Pan from the perspective of the gondola. Back at St. Marks Square, Ruth feeds the pigeons again, followed by Morris. CUs, Ruth with pigeons. Title card:”“Leaving Venice - View of Italian Alps.” Scenic shots of the Italian Alps.

Event:  August 20, 1932 - July 29, 1933
Atlantic Ocean
Lisbon, Portugal
Venice, Italy
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Sandra Horn Elstein and Henry Elstein
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:34
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