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Factory-printed Star of David badge printed with Jude, belonging to a German Jewish woman

Object | Accession Number: 2016.552.3

Yellow, factory-printed Star of David badge stitched to a backing fabric by Selma Ansbacher and worn at all times in public by a family member in Frankfurt am Main, Germany after a September 1, 1941 decree that all Jews in the Reich six years of age or older were required to wear a yellow star badge. The star was sewn onto outer clothing and contributed to the stigmatization and control of the Jewish population following Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 and the passage of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935. Before the war, Selma’s husband, Ludwig, owned a fabric store in the small town of Dinkelsbühl, Germany, but eventually closed it and moved the family to Frankfurt in 1937. Selma’s oldest son, Manfred, immigrated to Australia by 1939. In May 1942, her other son, Heinz, was deported to Majdanek killing center in German-occupied Poland and was killed in August. Selma, her husband, Ludwig, and daughter, Sigrid, were deported to Theresienstadt ghetto-labor camp in German-occupied Czechoslovakia in September 1942. Initially, Selma worked as a group leader in the kitchen. She later worked in the mica-splitting facility, a job that contributed to the war effort, which she tried to use as leverage when Sigrid was assigned to a transport out of Theresienstadt. In 1944, Sigrid was deported to a number of concentration camps, including Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland and Bergen-Belsen in Germany, where she was liberated by British forces on April 15, 1945. Selma and Ludwig remained at Theresienstadt until the Soviet Army liberated the camp on May 9, 1945. The couple moved back to Frankfurt before immigrating to the United States in July 1946, where Sigrid joined them the following December.

use:  after 1941 September 01-approximately 1942 September 17
use: Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Identifying Artifacts
Magen David.
Credit Line
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, Gift of Sigrid Jean Ansbacher Strauss
Record last modified: 2021-02-18 11:29:58
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