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Sport events; opening of new synagogue in Munich; Landsberg DP camp

Film | RG Number: RG-60.0090 | Film ID: 142B

Life in the Landsberg displaced persons camp. DP children writing in journals. Hebrew "Olympiad" sports events: calisthenics, flag-raising, ceremony, spectators, track races, high jump, sack races, crowd, award ceremony. People gathered in streets, on bicycles. DPs getting off truck. DP family walking slowly down road. Raking/gardening. Children, families, playing in park. Babies. Girls dancing the Hora. INT, men talking at table. EXT, synagogue in Neu Freimann DP camp.

01:06:31 Dedication of a new synagogue on Reichenbach Street in Munich, Germany on May 20, 1947 (see Photo Archive WS 22228). Among those present are Lucius D. Clay, commanding officer of the US occupation zone, Walter J. Muller, Hans Ehard and Philipp Auerbach. INTs, men praying and listening to various speakers (religious, military, etc.) from pulpit. Torah scrolls, religious service.

01:10:18 In Landsberg, religious man unpacking torah scroll from cardboard box. Military men distribute yarmulkes, tallit, tefillin. Boys reading Hebrew prayerbook, elder looks on/teaches children. Men at yeshiva: reading, studying Hebrew, davening. Elder man talking to military officer. Child survivor Samuel Bak from Vilna paints a ghetto scene. A woman comes over and looks at the painting over his shoulder. Man painting poster with "6,000,000" inscription. Pan of more artwork. Violinist is David Arben, a famous camp survivor. He was the youngest musician in the Ex-Concentration Camp Orchestra and served more than a decade of tenure as concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Piano. Playing chess. Men waiting in line, buying newspapers.

Event:  May 20, 1947 and 1945-1948
Landsberg, Germany
Neu Freimann, Germany
Munich, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of George Kadish
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:31
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