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Life in German DP camp

Film | RG Number: RG-60.0095 | Film ID: 143

Tent city and displaced persons in Germany. Families, children idling near tents (Red Cross and JDC). UNRRA jeeps/trucks. DPs milling about with luggage. Pan, crowd of DPs. Man standing on chair, above crowd view of DPs arriving at camp with luggage. DPs with luggage getting onto truck. CUs, women, children, baby sleeping. Pan feet (mostly barefoot). Standing in line for food with buckets. Eating. Distributing food/soup. Boy getting water from a military jeep. Woman with baby, woman knitting, laundry. DPs idling. CU tents. Man dragging child in cardboard box. Man reading newspaper in Landsberg DP camp. Elderly woman crying. Laundry. CU baby. Crowds waiting with luggage, getting onto trucks. Pan of DP tent camp. More DPs with luggage moving towards trucks. Woman speaks to commanding officer, another commanding officer speaks to a group of DPs. Boarding truck, CU family with luggage. Child eating, elderly woman eating. Scouts dancing and singing. Getting off truck. DPs unloading, being deloused. Eating at table. Children writing in journals. Man doing calisthenics. Poster of a man bowling. Gathering at camp for Olympiad sporting events: flag-raising, grandstand with megaphone, spectators, calisthenics, relay races, running races, long jump, high jump, award ceremony, children marching. Hebrew language sign. Children exiting school with backpacks, teachers follow. Man speaking to children eating at table. Distributing UNRRA certificates. Automobile exiting through EXT gate. Switchboard operator. Man with stack of papers, distributing identification papers? Man exiting automobile, salute. Men marching. Samuel Bak from Vilna painting ghetto scenes. Man painting poster with "6,000,000" inscription. Pan of more artwork. Violin, piano. Older men speaking around table.

Event:  1945-1946?
Landsberg, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of George Kadish
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:25
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