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Life in DP camps in Germany

Film | RG Number: RG-60.0092 | Film ID: 142B

A documentary film about the life of the Jewish people in the DP camps in Germany. Children boarding trains. Supplies. UNRRA. Men kissing. Loading displaced women and luggage onto flatbed trucks. MS, baby lifted onto truck. More shots of DPs boarding truck, loading luggage. CU, boy with guitar and other children, waving goodbye as trucks depart. In Landsberg, women with babies and carriages in the park, children playing. Man speaking to crowd, davening. Religious ceremony. Hebrew memorial sign reading "150,000." Pan, men at meeting, sitting at table. Man delivering speech, reading. Crowd looks on. Waving goodbye as jeep leaves. Children after the Olympic sporting events: drums, flags, uniforms, marching. Distributing newspapers. Crowds of DPs. Man directing traffic, car leaving through camp gate. CU, telephone operator. Officers delivering message. DPs talking. Automobile with "DP Camp Landsberg" written on side. Officers salute, marching. Men speaking at a table, passing out certificates to children, returning papers to UNRRA officer. Children exiting school with backpacks, teachers follow. Woman with ORT diploma, CU diploma with name "BLUM SARA". Transferring defendant to a trial. Crowd, MPs. Rally, crowds with many flags. Marching with banners in Landsberg DP camp. Sign reading "American JDC Emigration Service." Slow pan of housing (probably Neu Freimann DP camp), DPs gathering and walking along road. Man with crutches. Distributing newspapers. DP men with baby carriages, families. Bicycles exiting camp through gate. DPs milling about camp, EXT of camp.

Film Title
The Persecuted
Event:  1945-1948
Production:  1947?
Landsberg, Germany
Neu Freimann, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of George Kadish
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:23
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