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Berlin ruins; US & German soldiers; rebuilding Germany

Film | Accession Number: 2006.350.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4297 | Film ID: 2752

Opening credits in German from the OMGUS censor's board:
"Filmvorfuherungsschein / No.: 49-1012-85 / Es wird hiermit bescheinigt dass "Die Brucke" zur offentlichen Vorfuhrung in den amerikanisch besetzten Gebieten Deutschlands zugelassen ist. Bescheinigung ausgestellt im Auftrag der Amerikanischen Militarregierung / Zeit Im Film"

Film title appears over an image of white puffy clouds in the sky: "DIE BRUCKE / Mit / ...blt. Lewis F. Droll [missing beginning title] / Joseph Muller [missing end of name] / Und Den Manneem der Luftbrucke"

German language narration, but occasionally the voices of American soldiers can be heard in English under the narration track. Opening scene: Ruins of Berlin, German civilians go about their daily life, post war amidst the rubble and ruin. Scenes of US Air Force station in Tempelhof (European Air Tranpsort Service). Scenes of Red Cross trucks and personnel clearing rubble, etc. Propaganda about helpful American soldiers and rebuilding Germany, scenes of industry, soldiers playing with German kids, etc. Ends with rousing music.

01:03:00 The pilot, Louis F. Droll, wearing his daughter Cynthia's baby shoes from his lapel. 01:12:19 Louis delivers a teddy bear that he received as a gift, to baby Cynthia, with her mother, Betty Catherine Patterson Droll, and elder sister, Charlotte.

Film notes from "Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan, 1948-1953" program: "After World War II, Germany and Berlin were divided into four sectors, governed by the U.S., British, French, and Soviets. Berlin was located in the heart of the Soviet sector. In 1948 the Soviets decided to try to isolate the western sector of Berlin, by shutting down the roads and rail lines into the city. The result was a massive effort by the U.S. and its European allies to thwart the siege by flying food and fuel into the city. As a way of boosting morale, everything produced in the city was stamped "Made in Blockaded Berlin." The film is a docudrama about a German technician at Tempelhof airport who befriends one of the foreign pilots. It stars Joseph Müller and Louis F. Droll. Produced by Zeit im Film for the OMGUS film unit in Berlin, 16 min, 1949."

Production:  1949
Berlin, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Thomas P. Headen
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