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Postwar devastation; opening of Nuremberg Trial; early Nazi party history, events, leaders

Film | Accession Number: 2006.350.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4293 | Film ID: 2756

Part 1 of GERMAN language version [corresponds to NARA reels 1 & 2]

"Europa 1945" Panorama of war devastation: buildings and cities laid to waste, rubble, mother climbing out of trap door shelter with naked baby in arms, people in hunger and despair emerge from shelters, children running down steps, clambering for food, poverty, homeless people, begging for food, weeping woman. "Nuremberg 21 November 1945" EXT and INT Nuremberg Palace of Justice. CU, document announcing trial and listing the accused. Seating of International Military Tribunal. Chief US prosecutor, Robert H. Jackson presents the opening statement and Count 1 of the indictment (a conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against peace and humanity). Mostly rear views of Jackson speaking: "triumph of justice over vengeance...four mighty nations...meeting greatest menace of our times." Various shots of courtroom, judges, prosecutor, stenographer, defendants. MSs, CUs, defendants' faces. Pan, prisoners' dock. Germans walk past open graves with flowers, sort through rubble. Children desperately seek food in buckets, woman eats from garbage, mob scenes, women shouts viciously in crowd (voiceover of Jackson speaking in court). Jackson continues with the reading of Count 1 at Nuremberg trial. HS, in court, prisoners' dock. CU, "Mein Kampf," text superimposed. In Munich, burgeoning Nazi party, following the lead of Adolf Hitler, instigate street riots with the aim of gaining the highest degree of control over the Germans by any means. HAS, mobs/crowds running through wide street, chaos. Nazis marching with flag, elite members posing on stairway, more marching. Goebbels at desk, on telephone, in leather coat shouting. Nazis parading, Germans heiling. Hitler. Nazis on horseback rushing down street. Newspaper headlines. Torchlight parade at night. Bookburning. Hans G., former official of the Berlin police administration, testifies concerning his investigation of the Reichstag fire. CUs, Goering in dock. Remains of Reichstag fire, MLS, firefighters with hose. German delegates leave the League of Nations, and Germany embarks on a policy to strengthen its military. German armaments, industry. Gen. Werner Edward Fritz von Blomberg announces universal military conscription. CU, legal document. Military training, goosestepping. Spring 1936: German troops entering Rhineland, tanks/horses crossing bridge. Goosestepping troops parade through Nuremberg (voice of Hitler in BG). November 1937: Secret meeting with Nazi elite concerning the German question and the annexation of Austria. CU, minutes of meeting. In court, Jackson speaking, "...this meeting set the stage for Nazi expansion." Berchtesgaden meeting with Hitler, Austrian chancellor Schuschnigg, foreign minister of Austria Guido Schmidt, and other Nazi elite (some on trial). In court, Schmidt testifies concerning Hitler's decision to annex Austria (translated into English). Nazis, Hitler Youth marching.

Production:  1948
Nuremberg, Germany
Munich, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Thomas P. Headen
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:48
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