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Annexation of Austria; Munich Pact; German invasion of East and West; Territorial expansion

Film | Accession Number: 2006.350.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4294 | Film ID: 2755

Part 2 of GERMAN language version [corresponds to NARA reels 3 & 4]

Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg addressing government, speech in progress. Schuschnigg replaced by Arthur von Seyss-Inquart in Austria, riding in automobile, waving to crowd. CU, transcription of Goering's conversation with Keppler. In city street, Nazis round up civilians, slowly closing in on them with horses and police, man carried away. Nazis marching in streets, heiling, waving flags. Crossing Austrian border, over bridge LS, lifting up pole, Austrians with big grins. "21 May 1935" Annexation text superimposed on screen. Tanks moving through streets lined with crowds. In court, rear view of Jackson. Gen. Alfred Jodl testifies regarding Hitler's decision to invade Czechoslovakia. CU, 1938 memo re: continuation of the Nazi plans of aggression. Arrival of Nazi official, greeting Germans, heiling. Munich Pact, Hitler with Chamberlain, Daladier, and Mussolini signing agreement and socializing. Emil Hacha (in hat), president of Czechoslovakia, arrives for meeting with Hitler and other German leaders. Headlines. CU, decree re: occupation of Bohemia-Moravia. Prague, Nazis goosestepping. "6 September 1938" Nazi plans for territorial advances superimposed on screen. Map showing Nazi territorial aggression. Chief Prosecutor from Great Britain, Sir Hartley W. Shawcross, presents Count 2 (Crimes Against Peace), meaning wars of aggression in violation of international treaties and agreements. Lt. Col. Schumt relates Hitler's plans to occupy Poland. Court scenes, CU, transcriptions of notes (in handwriting) re: attacking Poland. Trucks with swastikas, men holding placards demonstrating for war against Poland. "23 August 1939" Joseph Stalin and Joachim von Ribbentrop sign non-aggression pact with USSR. HAS, tanks moving along dirt road. Pope Pius II and FDR (no sound) appeal for peace. Hitler addressing Reichstag, indicating countries that Germany intends to occupy. "1 September 1939" German tanks/troops invade Poland. Luftwaffe begins bombing raid. Destruction of cities, aerial shots, sky filled with smoke. Hitler's words superimposed on screen. Soldiers marching on road, city streets. "9 April 1940" Germany invades Denmark. Crowds of people at harbor/port, ship. Tanks, soldiers on motorcycles on city streets, chaos, pedestrians running around. Troops parading, MSs civilians and little girl watching. 01:08:58 Text superimposed on screen re: Norway and Germany. "9 April 1940" Aerial shots of parachutes. Civilians watch silently as troops march by, some frightened, women running (quick), very soft, street chaos, streets in flames, crowds piling into trucks, fearful faces, some weeping. Troops. Text superimposed on screen re: invasion of Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg. "10 May 1940" Troops, night shots. LS, silhouettes of buildings on fire. Text superimposed on screen re: invasion of Yugoslavia. "6 April 1941" Planes dropping bombs, explosions. Soldiers running down country path, into fenced in yard, across fields. Map showing German expansion. Men walking inside government building, signing Tripartite (Axis) Pact in Berlin with Japan and Italy on September 27, 1940, giving Italy the Mediterranean region, Japan the Orient, and Germany the rest of the world. Hitler shaking hands with diplomats, tables. CU, signing document. June 1941, Wehrmacht tanks entering USSR, fighting, cannons fire off, lift up border gate, aerial shots of Luftwaffe. August-September 1941: Luftwaffe conducts raids on Great Britain, dropping bombs at night, burning cities, destruction. December 7, 1941: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, plumes of smoke. Courtroom scene with chief Russian prosecutor Gen. Rudenko presenting Counts 3 and 4 (commitment of war crimes in Germany and occupied countries) (in Russian and English). Rudenko at podium, flipping pages of documents, CUs Nazis in prisoners' dock, document. SS men frisking POW, POWs running/marching down country road (in uniforms). Aerial shots of masses. 05:37:32 Rudenko at podium in court. CU, Keitel memo. [NOTE: Ending of this reel is slightly different than official end of Reel as documented in USHMM's other Nuremberg records- it ends on a CU of the paper document, rather than with Rudenko in the court room.]

Production:  1948
Nuremberg, Germany
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Berlin, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Thomas P. Headen
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:57
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