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Emergence of East & West Germany after WWII

Film | Accession Number: 2006.350.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4298 | Film ID: 2753

OMGUS censorship slates state that the film has been approved for public screening in the American zone of Germany. Words superimposed across an aerial view of Berlin state that this film is dedicated to the men women and children of Berlin, without whose loyalty it would not be possible to relate the following. Over scenes of the destruction of Berlin and people working among the rubble the narrator says that without an architect, without a plan somehow something new and strong emerged from the ruins in the summer of 1945. Crowds of West Berliners and a shot of SPD representative Franz Neumann speaking to a large crowd in early July. He says that Berlin will remain free and will never become communist. Shots of the large crowd and individuals listening to Neumann's speech. Narrator states that in order to understand Berlin's current fight for freedom one must look back at 1945. After the war's terrible end in Berlin, Germans wanted to put the past 12 years behind them. Shots of a concrete Nazi eagle with a broken wing; a man chisels a Swastika from a building. Next a history of Berlin's quadrapartite goverment. The four zones are explained as a map of divided Berlin is shown on the screen.

Film notes from "Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan, 1948-1953" program:
"A historically important overview of events in Berlin from the end of WW II to the election in the Western Zone in December 1948. It covers the partition of Berlin into four sectors after the war; the election of Mayor Hans Reuter in 1946 (which was vetoed by the Soviets); free speech initiatives in radio, film, newspapers and the theater; currency reform; launch of the Berlin Blockade by General Sokolovsky; the airlift; and the creation of West Berlin and East Berlin. The film proclaims that the people of Berlin are resisting the influence of the Soviet Union and are turning to democracy and freedom. Producer Stuart Schulberg for OMGUS film unit, Berlin, 22 min, 1949."

Production:  1949
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Thomas P. Headen
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:51:08
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