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Nazis advance to the Balkans and Russia; France falls; Atlantic charter agreement

Film | Accession Number: 2009.207.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4847 | Film ID: 2875

A Castle Films showcase of news events for the year 1941 with English titles:

"War-Five Years! China fights on as tension in Pacific grows!"

"Siege of Tobruk! British guns repel year-long Axis attack!"

01:01:04 "Balkan crisis! Nazis overwhelm heroic Greeks!" Ruins, shocked civilians, wounded. Crowds of troops.

01:01:25 "Germans halted! Capture of Iraq stops Hitler's march toward Suez!" Air warfare, bombing, automobiles.

"British and Free French capture nearby Syria from Vichy forces!" Scenes of occupied Syria, fighting. Injured military officer exits military vehicle.

"France's tragic fate! Once proud republic crushed under conqueror's heel!" DeGaulle salutes train filled with soldiers. Military parade. CUs, spectators, many crying. "Women and children suffer most!" CUs, woman with baby, girl drinking from a metal can, children at soup kitchen or orphanage.

"Britain avenges 'Hood'! 'Bismarck' sunk in historic sea and sky offensive!"

01:03:25 "Roosevelt-Churchill meet! Atlantic charter agreed upon at dramatic sea conference." Churchill climbs up stairs on boat and shakes hands with FDR. Naval soldiers seated for the ceremony, then on another boat.

"U.S. forces in Iceland! American land and sea forces guard Britain's Atlantic life-line."

"Nazi torpedo cripples U.S.S. Kearny! Eleven American seamen perish!"

"Canadians smash Spitzbergen! Arctic island is rendered useless for Germany!" "Wireless stations are demolished." "Coal mines and shafts blown up." "Off to England - their new home."

"Strikes slow U.S. defense! 16,000,000 man-days lost!"

"Planes-ships-guns! World's biggest bomber symbolizes growing U.S. military might." "Democracy's call for ships is answered in U.S. yards." "U.S.S. North Carolina, largest battleship afloat!"

"Battle for Russia! Hitler's invasion of Soviet incites most gigantic struggle of all time!" Fighting sequence with tanks, planes, bombs, weapons, smoke, troops, injured military. More fighting. "Prisoners" Truck filled with wounded Russian POWs. CUs as they get out of the vehicle. "In the Baltic, Soviet naval guns repel invaders." Fighting at sea, missiles, smoke, ships, and naval personnel.

Event:  1941
Soviet Union
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Lisa von Haam Pumphrey
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:42
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