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Postwar Berlin and U.S. airlift; Truman re-elected President

Film | Accession Number: 2009.207.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4849 | Film ID: 2877

A Castle Films showcase of news events for the year 1948 with English titles:

"West's worst floods! Thousands made homeless when swollen Columbia River inundates vast territory!" "Raging torrents devastate Canada's Fraser Valley." "Florida lashed as tropical hurricane roars in from Caribbean!"

"Holland's new queen. Wilhelmina, after 50 years of kindly rule, abdicates in favor of her daughter Juliana." "All Amsterdam cheers the new Queen and her Prince Consort Bernhard"

01:01:59 "Berlin crisis! World is tense as Russia and Western Powers test strength." Troops at airfield, planes in flight. "U.S. Airlift continues to land food in beleagured capital." Loading supplies in a truck and delivering to the ruined city of Berlin. Fights break out among men in the crowded streets.

"Coal strike grips France! 350,000 miners idle as Communist-led strike paralyzes nation!" "30,000 troops are called to combat violence!"

01:03:25 "Palestine conflict! Men and women don uniforms to protect new state of Israel." Men and women soldiers in uniform lined up for review by an officer. "Hundreds injured in bombed Jewish shopping district!" Smoke rising from apartment buildings. Firefighters and civilians in the street amidst the ruins, some engaged in rescue operations.

"Revolt in Bogota! Crazed mobs go berserk following assassination of Liberal leader Gaitan." "Revolution sparks mad rioting and bloodshed!"

"U.S. air growth. 92 ton giant 'Constitution' plane takes off with 168 passengers." "Its crew of 12 guides the plane from California to Maryland in 10 hrs." "'Parasite Plane' has successful launching." "Superfort is 'foster mother' to new jet which cannot take off by itself!" "2,200 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne swing into action at Fort Bragg, N.C." "Lockheed 'Shooting Stars' in breath-taking display of aerial power over Andrews Field, Washington."

"Presidential Election." "Gov. Dewey addresses tremendous crowds in sweep around country." "President Truman wages determined campaign for re-election." "Harry S. Truman succeeds himself as 32nd President of the United States." "All my efforts will be devoted to the cause of peace in the world and the prosperity of our people here at home."

Event:  1948
Washington, DC, United States
United States
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Lisa von Haam Pumphrey
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:42
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