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Unrest in Palestine and Exodus ship

Film | Accession Number: 2009.207.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4848 | Film ID: 2876

A Castle Films showcase of news events for the year 1947 with English titles:

"British royal family in Africa. 5,000 Zulu warriors stage unique demonstration." "A reigning British monarch visits Dark Continent for the first time in history."

"Costumes in Korea! Natives stage fierce riots as political unrest spreads!" "Korea strives for independence after 40 years of Jap slavery."

01:01:30 "Terror grips Palestine! Zionist underground widens its resistance!" Jewish Brigade troops, destroyed building, caring for the wounded. "A refugee ship reaches Haifa after gun battle at sea!" MS, Haganah ship Exodus at sea with passengers aboard. CUs, children at window. Passengers unload at the port, some wounded. LS, derailed train with passengers milling about.

"U.S. President's good will travels. At Mexico City, Truman is welcomed by President Aleman." "In Ottawa, Truman addresses a joint session of Canadian Parliament." "'We count Canada as sharing our peace objectives and ideas ... we face the future unafraid!'" "Brazil hails U.S. President with spectacular parade in Rio de Janeiro."

"World Flight. Bill Odom takes off from Chicago to smash his own world record." "'40 Winks' on a wing at Tokyo." "Then back to Chicago in 73 hours, 5 minutes!"

"Nature on Rampage! In Poland, floods sweep through Warsaw!" "Rampaging ice in Vistula River destroys giant railway bridge."

"Florida Hurricane! Worst 'blow' in 17 years causes $20,000,000 damage to East Coast!"

"Royal Romance. Before Buckingham Palace, thousands cheer Princess Elizabeth and her future Prince Consort."

"World Series! In the sixth game, Yankee Joe Dimaggio slams to center field ... Gionfriddo makes the catch of the year!" "Seventh game ... Hermanski's triple." "Edwards hits into double play and Yanks win World Championship."

"Texas city disaster. French freighter loaded with ammonium nitrate explodes with frightful force!" "408 dead ... 3,000 injured." "The number one casualty of the year!"

Event:  1947
London, England
Warsaw, Poland
New York, NY, United States
Haifa, Palestine
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Lisa von Haam Pumphrey
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:43:11
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