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Illich family activities in 1939

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1246 | Film ID: 2912

Family activities in the year 1939. Introduced with German titles throughout, some are comical. Frame line of the opening scenes are off. The three Illich boys pull their cousin Hanni and their grandfather in a sled on the snow on New Year's morning in 1939. In the Third Poetz Revue, one of the twins plays the guitar and sings for the camera (the first revue after Marion Stein's family fled Austria). Play-acting in costume. 02:37:54 (B/W) People walking through a garden in early spring, flowering trees. Children take photographs. 02:38:51 Fritz, Ellen (Maexie), and the three boys singing outdoors, very happy. Playing in the gardens, chickens, taking a walk. 02:40:02 (Color, kodachrome) A religious procession for Corpus Christi through Vienna city streets. Fritz Regenstreif walks through the garden (beautiful colors). The twins in Lederhosen pick flowers and go for a drive with Franz Leithner in an open car. (B/W) They children visit Schloss Leithner (the driver's home in the country). A car drives up a path towards a house. The twins bathe in a well outside, shine shoes, push a wheelbarrow, play with a dog, swim in a brook. They enjoy tea and cake. 02:45:25 They play with kittens in the yard. Cousin Hanni kicks around a ball with her father Paul. They ride bicycles. The three boys sit and eat Christmas dinner with their grandfather. They play music in front of the Christmas tree and visit their grandmother's grave at the Christian cemetery.

Film Title
Reporter 1939
Event:  1939
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Yvonne Illich
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:40:17
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