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Illich family activities in 1940

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1248 | Film ID: 2913

Family activities in the year 1940. Introduced with Maexie Films logo (drawing of Maexie holding a film camera) and some German titles. Fritz Regenstreif walks down a walkway amidst the snow; the entire villa is under snowy cover. Ivan shoveling and the twins, Micha and Sascha, digging in the snow. Ellen Regenstreif (Maexie) struggles to make it through the snow. The boys cross country ski through the forest. Inside the villa, the twins play music and take violin and piano lessons (Blüthner piano) with "Olgica". The boys and their teacher sing songs. On April 21, 1940 (Maexie's birthday), the twins ride their bikes outside on villa property. Cousin Hanni appears. 03:06:36 (Color) A blossoming tree in the spring. Fritz Regenstreif smells the yellow tree buds, the boys play in the yard. A religious procession for Corpus Christi descends a stairwell and must stop to allow the Hitler Youth to march by on the road. The procession proceeds with girls dressed in white, a priest, and the twin boys holding flags. Hiking in the Alps (Rax), the boys stand on an observation deck and overlook the scenery. Cows grazing in a meadow, then on the hiking trail, CUs. The boys rifle through a leather satchel and eat lunch. Cousin Hanni with a red umbrella laughs and poses for the camera. The twin boys dig in the dirt. Ivan hugs Hanni and helps her with a toy scooter. 03:10:07 (B/W) The boys and friends play croquet on the grounds of Villa Regenstreif. The boys bike through the streets with their driver Leithner and wave to the camera. Sascha poses with his grandfather Fritz in the garden. The boys wrestle in the grass and swim in a pool. They nap on a blanket in the grass. Ivan works with a microscope and Sascha plays the cello. 03:13:17 (Flawed color) Pan of the snow on the trees in Villa Regenstreif. The Illich twins slide on the ice and play in the snow. Good views of the house and a plowed road in Poetzleinsdorf.

Film Title
Reporter 1940
Event:  1940
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Yvonne Illich
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:40:17
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