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Illich family activities in 1941 to 1942 including forced sale of villa

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1249 | Film ID: 2913

Family activities in the years 1941-1942. [There are no German titles.] Leader shows "Agfa 1942" and "Agfa 1941". (Color) Pan of the Vienna skyline at dusk. The boys saw a tree stump with the help of their driver Leithner. Good CUs. Fritz Regenstreif and nurse walk arm in arm down a cobblestone road [this is the last picture of Grandpa Fritz before dying a natural death in his house on May 8, 1941]. The boys continue sawing and Maexie appears for a brief moment. One of the twins awkwardly pushes lumber in a wheelbarrow. Aerial views of the villa grounds.

03:17:15 (B/W) Boxes and furniture are being loaded into a trailer as the Nazis takeover the Regenstreif villa. (See Story 1245 at 02:25:14 for an earlier view of the villa foyer). The boys play around a GUSTAV KNAUER truck. Men (Nazis) stand behind the trailer discussing as the doors are closed. Leithner is at left. The overweight bald man, with a Nazi party pin on his lapel, seals the truck doors shut. A tractor pulls the trailer with Regenstreif belongings and art down the road with the twins riding on the back. The family hands the keys over to the Nazis. They wave goodbye as the truck leaves the property.

The family sits outside in a garden saying goodbye, drinking, smoking, and laughing. CUs of individuals: Leithner with Lisl (Grandfather Fritz's secretary who worked in a Jewish hospital and was deported to Auschwitz), a woman smelling flowers, Maexie cutting blossoms (wearing black after Fritz's death), and ladies walking through the garden. The women say their final goodbyes. Ivan and the twin boys give the women flowers. Pan of cityscape of Vienna from the terrace on villa grounds. An older Ivan sits at a table on an outside terrace with his family, eating their last supper there. 03:20:57 The three boys drive away on the bed of another moving truck filled with personal luggage and wave to the camera [the family moved into a pension after the forced sale of the villa at Poetzleinsdorf]. Three adults descend the stairs of the Regenstreif home - the NSDAP man wears a long leather jacket. The boys, dressed in suits, give the man a present. CUs of the three adults (two men and one woman). This is the final sale of the Poetz villa to the Nazis. More views of the house.

03:21:53 At their new home at Pension Schiedl in the cottage district of Vienna in May 1941, Maexie and a friend knit and lounge outdoors. One of the twins plays with a dog in the yard. Overhead shot of Hitler Youth marching with flags in a courtyard of the boys' school which ended in June 1941. The group practices queuing up with a swastika banner, prepares for a parade, takes the flag down, and marches by (CUs). The boys bid farewell to their teachers. The family walks along the streets with a priest in Poetzleinsdorf and visits the graves of their grandparents, Fritz and Johanna Regenstreif (Fritz died on May 8, 1941). They have lunch; Ivan and Micha pose with their mother Maexie. The family visits friends (the Imhof Family) in the country, including children. 03:25:55 (Color) The boys walk down a tree-lined street and into the pension. They wait at a tram stop, "Meidlung Hauptstrasse", and then at another station with their piano teacher. Another excursion south of Vienna takes the family hiking towards a castle. Beautiful aerial views of the mountain. MS of Maexie and Micha. Farm scene.

03:27:54 (B/W) In 1942, the twins wait on a train platform with luggage for a trip to Mariazell. Maexie and Ivan are dressed warmly. [That night, Maexie received a call that her brother Paul would escape in the snow to Hungary.] The twins look over the snowy countryside from the moving train. The boys trudge through the deep snow in a village. Aerial view of the city. Boys out for another walk in the snow with an unidentified woman, visiting restaurants and shops in the Austrian city. CU, cross. At the top of the mountain, they throw snowballs and rest on tree stumps. They take a chairlift to the bottom of the mountain with the woman and walk through town. 03:31:57 Back in Vienna, the boys exit the gate to their pension (home) and walk through town with a teenage friend. The boys light a small camping stove and eat lunch. INTs, the family eating dinner. Maexie and a friend exiting the pension to mail a postcard. This is presumably the family's goodbye from Vienna. Good city view of Vienna with pedestrians and traffic.

Film Title
Reporter 1941-1942
Event Date
Vienna, Austria
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Yvonne Illich
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