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Busy streets and city life of Jews and Arabs in Palestine

Film | Accession Number: 2014.534 | RG Number: RG-60.1768 | Film ID: 4118

Men work near a river to install metal pipe in Palestine. Water flows from the installed pipe and the men celebrate. A tall wooden pole with electric cables running from it. Panning shot of a park on a windy day. A busy city street, in which people mill about, men lead camels loaded with gear, a public bus is parked on the side of the street, the roof of a large estate is visible behind a high wall. The view from the top of a hill onto the white buildings of a port city, probably Jaffa, and the Mediterranean sea beyond. Quick shots of residents as they go about their day: three young children stand in an alley and pose for the camera, while other children play in the distance; a cobbler sits on the curb and mends a shoe; a boy smiles toward the camera as he uses a machine operated by a foot crank; a man rides down the street on a mule; a woman strings laundry to dry along the side of a building. 01:02:54 no picture.

01:02:56 More shots of the city in Palestine and the water from above, with ships visible in the distance. An urban street scene, with cars whizzing by. Religious Jews stand outside a store advertising ice cream in both English and Hebrew. A street bustles with people, bicycles, and cars. A man stands in a darkened doorway and talks to the camera. A city block of burned-out buildings. A tailor's makeshift shop, a man uses a hammer while another looks on.

01:04:11 Sign posted on the side of a building reads "Jaffa Municipal Boundary" in English, Arabic, and Hebrew script. In another part of the city, men carry heavy loads on their backs in the street; in this neighborhood, signs show English and Arabic, but no Hebrew. Very dark shots of children inside a building. A minaret rises above the busy streets. A group of men wearing fezzes sit on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. A man shovels in darkened surroundings. Two police officers ride horses through the street. Quick panning shot of a rural landscape with buildings under construction in the foreground.

Event:  1934
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter Gessner
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:26
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