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Beach and farm in Palestine, 1934

Film | Accession Number: 2014.534 | RG Number: RG-60.1829 | Film ID: 4169

Low quality view of waterfront houses shot from a boat. Other ships in the water. On the shore, men and a young boy stare at the camera. 01:00:28 A man in a striped shirt jogs along the beach. Tel Aviv? Beach chairs and a beach shack that says the words “JUDAN AMITEL BEER”. A man wears a traditional Middle Eastern headdress on the beach and looks at the camera. 01:00:42 The man in the stripes walks behind him waves at the camera. Another man (Gessner?) asks a man on the beach for directions, indicated by their hand gestures. People lay in the sand. A fully-clothed man sits in a beach chair with a basket at his feet while another man clothed in just shorts bends over to look through the basket. He picks something out and hands the man money. The front sign of the beach shack is now visible, “BLACK and WHITE...” Three people in headdresses walk across the beach, past two other men having a conversation. A man stands knee-deep in the ocean holding a fishing rod.

01:01:16 Rectangular building and landscape beyond. Houses in rows. A woman turns a faucet on next to a cow pen. INT a woman holds a young boy and an older woman leans over the table of what appears to be a restaurant host. 01:01:51 EXT a woman holding a bucket with her arm extended while a flock of chickens eats the feed she has given them. A man stands next to her. 01:02:07 Another man use a hoe to dig away at the base of a plant growing in a vineyard. Water flows through to the base of the plant. Two men stand talking in the field, the one on the right holds a book of some kind. Water rushes out of a pipe and a man fills a cup up with it. Man pumps water through while two other men watch. WS of the men around the pipe.

Event:  1934
Tel Aviv, Israel
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter Gessner
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 18:15:00
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