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Religious Jews in Minsk; Farm life and factories in Russia

Film | Accession Number: 2014.534 | RG Number: RG-60.1769 | Film ID: 4118

In urban Russia, probably Minsk, throngs of people in the street crowd around the camera. Groups of women and men each pose for the camera. 01:07:26 Inside, a large group of women sit in a crowded room reading from prayerbooks, probably in observance of Yom Kippur, according to Gessner. Outside in the street, CUs of religious Jewish men with prayer shawls.

01:08:37 Farm workers and their children pose for the camera in a rural environment in Russia. Pan, facade of large buildings. Men on horseback go through a field, then hitch horses to plows. CUs of the farm workers, including one young man who laughs at the camera. 01:11:15 Filmmaker Robert Gessner interacts with the farmers.

01:11:25 INT, rows of women sit in a large room and work on sewing machines. Women sit and collect produce (potatoes?) from a large container into baskets. Pan of town square (?), market activity (?), horses with cart stacked with hay. 01:12:26 A group of children exit a building, walk in pairs past the camera, then sit for the filmmaker in front of a stack of hay. 01:12:55 Very dark, indiscernible scenes of men and women working inside a factory. A man operates a piece of factory equipment. Children gather around the camera in the road in a village. An elderly woman sits on the side of the road.

Event:  1934
Soviet Union
Minsk, Soviet Union
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter Gessner
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