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Poland market

Film | Accession Number: 2014.534 | RG Number: RG-60.1830 | Film ID: 4169

Men, women, and children walk through a town square. Many hold flowers. One woman holds a large basket. People move through a large outdoor market. A woman buying goods can be seen in the foreground. A young man walks through a residential street, glancing back towards the camera. 01:03:09 A sign reads “CHEMICZNA PRALINE i FARBIRNIA” with Hebrew words beneath. Warsaw(?) A horse drawn carriage moves up a cobblestone street. Camera tilts down on a building, showing people on the street below. 01:03:26 A boy and a young man look at the camera. Young children play outside of a house, one boy follows the camera, attempting to remain within the shot. Pans left to reveal a woman selling fruit from baskets and a CU of a young boy smiling at the camera. Three older woman sit on a stoop while a fourth offers them a plate of food. A younger woman approaches and briefly turns to look at the camera. People in a narrow street, tilts up to show an apartment with a partially boarded up window. More street shots, people walking through. Main street, archway. Women standing and sitting by large sacks of goods. Street shots with a variety of townspeople. A man holds up a pair of pants, looking to see the size. An older woman sits at a table covered with fabric. More people in town and views of the architecture. 01:04:44 An older woman sits in front of a building that reads “LAZNIE i WANNY”, with the same in Hebrew beneath. and “KASA” with an arrow and the Hebrew word. 01:04:45 Then an open door with a wall next to it that reads “LAZNI i KOBIET” and the Hebrew words with a pointing hand beneath. CU of a man with a long beard. Fades to white.

Event Date
Warsaw, Poland
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter Gessner
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Record last modified: 2018-11-27 10:54:30
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