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Oral history interview with Moshe Bejski

Oral History | Accession Number: 1995.A.1284.1 | RG Number: RG-50.147.0001

Moshe Bejski describes his experiences in Płaszów concentration camp; building the Płaszów barracks in 1942; the arrival of Amon Goeth and the liquidation of Krakow Ghetto in March 1943; helping Itzhak Stern distribute Zionist money brought by Oskar Schindler from Hungary; the contradictions within Schindler's character; his thoughts on the post-war accusations against Schindler; incidents illustrating Schindler's character and humanity and the practical help he gave Jews; the uniqueness of Schindler's actions; the lack of executions at Schindler's camps; two incidents of Schindler saving lives; the intrigues surrounding the Brinnlitz list; his work forging rubber stamps for food authorization in Brinnlitz to ensure extra food for prisoners; the critical food situation and the ration allotments; the Jews' fear for protection when Schindler was arrested; Schindler providing weapons for Jews' self-defense; Schindler increasing the number of Jews at Brinnlitz from February to May of 1945; Schindler arranging burials not cremations for Jews; Schindler's post-war visit to Israel; further examples of Schindler's acts of humanity; the atmosphere at Tel Aviv airport on Schindler's arrival; Schindler's inability to make post-war adjustment; Schindler's need for people and celebrations; Schindler's motives for his actions; and the story of Brinnlitz Jews making a ring for Schindler from Mr Jereth's gold teeth.

Some video files begin with 10-60 seconds of color bars.
Bejski, Moshe
Blair, Jon
interview:  1983 May 18
Documentary films.
2 sound cassettes (90 min.).
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 20:09:48
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