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Goering's private train (Sonderzug) and staff; Luftwaffe officers at HQ Eastern Front; Romanian air force visitors

Film | Accession Number: 2003.122 | RG Number: RG-60.3354 | Film ID: 2549

Events seen may be 1941 to 1943, many are 1942. Brief scene of rifle practice at shooting range in Rominten, near Goering's HQ (train) with Luftwaffe men, including Eitel Lange, Goering's still photographer (see also Film ID 2551).

Goering in summer uniform under trees with Romanian air force visitors including tall dark officer, & German officers, including Adolf Galland. (May be 4 October 1941 according to Goering photo album #39 at LOC) 01:00:32 - 01:00:36 glimpse of Goering's valet, Robert Kropp, walking unobtrusively behind the group, very close to the train. Goering & others walking, & next to train, talking, includes Romanian air force officers, Paul Koerner, Bernd von Brauchitsch. 01:00:48 L to R: (Unidentified), Goering, Gen.Kastner-Kirsdorf, Gen. Walter von Axthelm, (Unidentified). Camera pans left 01:00:50 - 01:00:57 Goering in conversation with many officers, seated at large round table next to train (Goering's moving HQ). Lunch under trees, round table with white cloth & flowers, passing photos. 01:01:17 Gen.von Axthelm facing camera, others seen from rear, including Goering's adjutant Jeschonnek and Gen. Galland. 01:01:28 3 officers in conversation, Josef 'Beppo' Schmid (head of Luftwaffe intelligence) almost facing camera; trees behind. 01:01:37 Camera pans to left. 01:01:45 L to R Galland, Axthelm, (Unidentified), Jeschonnek, Romanian air force officer. 01:01:49 Josef Schmid seen in several shots. Visitor & Paul Koerner greeting other officers, heil, walk to cars. 01:02:14 Cameraman filming.

Views inside train. 01:02:34 Pan right out window to Goering, others outside at table. On the left, staff members and speaker (partly obscured by tree) [See Notes] 01:03:14 Goering's personal staff gathered in shirtsleeves, including Goernnert and (unconfirmed) Schwester Christa, Red Cross nurse in white, who administered Goering's drugs. According to Eitel Lange's book on Goering, they were listening to recordings of Reichstag speeches from 1932, in celebration of Goering's 10 years as Reichstag president. 01:03:20 Men at table with Goering include Jeschonnek, Galland & Schmid in white uniforms, probably Gen.Hugo Sperrle across table from camera 01:03:21- 01:03:27 Foreground, head of man photographing is probably Robert Kropp, Goering's valet. 01:03:47 CS Bernd von Brauchitsch, Goering's adjutant, seated at train window smoking. 01:03:50 Goering walking, visiting with nurses & wounded on, near train. 01:04:38 Civilian in train: Paul Pleiger. Pan to younger man, CU. Train moving slowly among trees. 01:05:-- Civilian, Paul Pleiger, industrialist, with Fritz Goernnert talking by train. (See Biog/Hist. Notes) 01:04:41 Barrier & sign: "Durchfahrt nur mit Sondergenehmigung". Small guard unit with rifles takes position. Cars arrive with Goering & officers, up & past.

Goering's 2 regular special trains (Sonderzug) were called "Asien" and "Robinson."

Event:  1941, 1942, 1943
Rominten, East Prussia, Germany
East Prussia, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Claranne Bechtler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:10
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