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Goering, Messerschmitt, Galland, Milch, Luftwaffe troops; Goering & the fast train in E. Prussia

Film | Accession Number: 2003.122 | RG Number: RG-60.3356 | Film ID: 2551

Copy of a newsreel with fades between segments, scratch throughout, near center of frame, to 01:06:38. [corresponds to newsreel at Imperial War Museum dated 1943.]

Goering touring factory with Luftwaffe officers & civilians, visiting workers. Goering walks with Prof. Willy Messerschmitt (dark leather coat), others. Friendly greetings, salutes as Goering drives slowly in open Mercedes. 01:00:56 Airfield, Goering arrives, out of car, reviews troops, followed by Adolf Galland (no Iron Cross), Bruno Loerzer, others. 01:01:04 Far left: Josef 'Beppo' Schmid (Iron Cross). Goering chatting with Luftwaffe officers, troops, smiling. 01:01:24 close view of Hermann Graf (Iron Cross). CU Goering. 01:01:40 MCU Galland (no Iron Cross, no medals) 01:01:52 VCU Goering. 01:01:56 CU Generalfeldmarschal Erhard Milch. Bruno Loerzer in the BG with Goering in several shots. Goering, Willy Messerschmitt walk slowly with two officers on field, men lined up in BG 01:02:30 Goering up on plane, inspecting the machine. Goering has a sandwich & chats with the locals; children give flowers. 01:03:19 Luftwaffe men behind Goering as he takes the flowers; far right may be Goering's valet Robert Kropp. Workers greet him outside & inside factory. 01:03:55 Loerzer behind Goering, with scarf over his uniform. A crush of people around Goering, many women. 01:04:01 Civilian with homburg & spectacles, left of Goering, is probably Ernst Heinkel. 01:04:35 1942, Goering visits the Hermann Goering Division in the Netherlands. Airfield scene, Goering inspecting large number of troops on open field. Pan of officers. 01:05:32 CU "Hermann Goering" on uniform sleeve. 01:05:33 Eitel Lange can be glimpsed behind Goering, photographing with Leica camera. Luftwaffe officers in close view at 01:05:51. Left, Gunther Korten, OKL Chief of Staff (killed in 20 July 1944 bomb blast during attempted assassination of Hitler); older officer on right, Gen. Friedrich Christiansen, Military Commander of the Occupied Netherlands and Goering's contact for looted art from the Netherlands, according to OSS report. 01:05:55 Goering on stomach, with glasses, shooting rifle at target. [Matches scene photographed by Eitel Lange and published in his book on Goering; location identified as Arnhem, Netherlands.]

01:06:40 Unedited train sequence, apparently professionally shot. Moving shots with steam, curves, tracks, officers inside train looking out. 01:07:44 to 01:08:04 Eitel Lange with Leica camera in train corridor, opens window and shoots photos from the train, closes window. Up and past small station with sign: Eichkamp (Ostpr.) (Schackummen) [East Prussia] Some snow on ground; wintery. 01:08:25 Goering, others near very modern train stopped in station. [Identified as the "Fliegende Hamburger," prototype high speed train between Berlin & Hamburg.] Goering in fur-lined winter coat, fur hat, using stick to climb up and down steep quays from tracks with other officers, including one OT (Organisation Todt) officer. Big cigar in Goering's mouth throughout sequence. Goering into Mercedes and away. License plate WL ### (Wehrmacht Luftwaffe) 01:11:39 "Staged" sequence of train interior, officer at desk; wavy-haired: may be Kattengel as he also appears in target practice sequence on Film ID 2548 and touring volcano on Film ID 2544). He talks on phone, is brought a message, motions for some action. Car and driver seen outside, through train window.

Event:  1942-1943
East Prussia, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Claranne Bechtler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:10
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