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Hitler's butler's home movies; maiden voyage of KdF ship "Robert Ley"

Film | Accession Number: 2003.122 | RG Number: RG-60.3355 | Film ID: 2550

Amateur films of Hitler's major domo - "Hausintendant" Arthur Kannenberg, some events are early 1939. Landscape in Grillenburg, an estate near the town of Tharandt which was owned by Martin Mutschmann, head of the Nazi party in the State of Saxony from 1925 until May 1945. MS, statue (bronze stag) commissioned by Mutschmann around 1937 when he had the "New Hunting Lodge" or "Neues Jägerhaus" constructed. An archway engraved with Mutschmann's image at the center. Views of the New Lodge, stone bridge and lakes, and the original lodge from 1855. Kannenberg with chimney sweeps in front of shop. Landscape - Bavaria or Austria. 01:03:26 to 01:03:45 Kannenberg in civilian clothes, in front of small unit of men, with officer. Swans, pond. Civilians including Adolf Galland fish from stone bridge. Military man in BG. Close views, several men fishing, Kannenberg & friends. 3 women present. Round faced man seen with Kannenberg & fish appears in Eva Braun's photo album captioned "Fritz-Otto," strongly resembles Gauleiter of Saxony, Martin Mutschmann, "the most hated man in Dresden," according to Victor Klemperer's diary.

01:07:20 German Intertitle: "Im Flugzeug begaben wir uns nach Hamburg zum K.d.F. Schiff 'Robert Ley'" 01:07:26 INT of airplane. Intertitle: "Die Dame mit dem Herrn Hut ist Frau Freda" Poor quality. Men are in uniform. Aerial views. D-AVAU markings on airplane; part of Hitler's personal air fleet. "In Hamburg wurde die kleine Reisegesellschaft photographiert" [In Hamburg, the little travel party is photographed.] Officers & women pose for pictures, next to plane on field. 01:08:26 Name on airplane nose: General von Hoeppner. Pan along plane & people. Red swastika. 01:09:01 "Unsere Fahrt auf dem K.d.F. Schiff 'Robert Ley'" Scenes on deck, including close views of Kannenberg & wife Freda. 01:09:47 "Meine Frau, Frl. Gerda und Frl. Grete genannt "Frau Graefin"" [My wife, Miss Gerda, & Miss Grete a.k.a. Mrs.'Count''] 01:10:44 "Dada flirtet" Hitler's secretary, Gerda Daranowski, on deck with man, looking at harbor. "Hamburg" Ship accompanied by destroyers 51 & 52. Hamburg harbor. "Unser Kapitaen Bauer" [Our Captain Bauer] [Hitler's personal pilot, Hans Bauer] in uniform on deck 01:12:50 "Der Fuehrer und seine Gaeste werden ausgebootet, um die Insel Helgoland zu besuchen" [The Fuehrer & his guests change boats to visit the island of Helgoland] Smaller boat with VIPs filmed from ship. Hitler visible momentarily top of frame at 01:13:52. "Familie Reichsminister Kerrl sonnt sich" (No scenes follow)

Note: Maiden voyage of KdF (Kraft durch Freude/ Strength through Joy) ship "Robert Ley" was end of March/beginning of April 1939. Hitler, Bormann, Sepp Dietrich, other Nazi leaders were on board.

Event:  1939
Hamburg, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Claranne Bechtler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:10
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